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Social Media Amplifies Criticism on Inhuman Dismissals


In today’s fast-paced global market, workforce reduction can be inevitable yet often criticized due to perceived insensitivity towards the affected employees. Social media platforms such as TikTok are leading the charge in shifting this narrative through increased transparency.

Terms like “quiet quitting” and “bare-minimum Mondays” are gaining momentum on these platforms, fostering public discussions on corporate redundancies. The impact of such media exposure extends beyond casual conversations, prompting organizations to revisit their methods in the face of growing public awareness.

A video that generated particular outrage featured an account executive being abruptly fired over a call from a tech company. This event set off a wave of online criticism over the company’s handling of the termination. This included the immediate denial of laptop access post-dismissal, perceived by many as a sign of retribution.

This incident sparked debates on the authenticity of the grounds for dismissal, including allegations of the firing being a means to avoid providing severance. Such controversial practices emphasize the cold, impersonal corporate culture, where valued employees transition quickly into receiving dismissals from off-site personnel over a call.

The episode sheds light on the value of dignity and respect during employee separations, suggesting a more humane approach. The right to a proper goodbye, closure with colleagues, and a sense of worth even as the tenure ends are brought to the forefront of these discussions.

This events highlights the importance of maintaining humanity even during difficult times, indicating the organization’s ethical core. Recognizing the worth of a worker despite their potential redundancy is crucial, reminding us that no business gain justifies unkind behavior towards those who contributed to their success.




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