How to Invest in Real Estate in 2024 (Step-by-Step)

If you want to know how to invest in real estate, you’re in the right place. Today, we’re going to break down the nine beginner steps to getting your first or next rental property so you can start building wealth, make passive income, and get closer to financial freedom. And while it may SEEM like … Read more

More Realistic Retirement Income Projections Require Dynamic Adjustments

The following is based on “Redefining the Optimal Retirement Income Strategy,” from the Financial Analysts Journal. Last month, I explored how retirees typically have some ability to adapt their spending to prolong the life of their portfolio. Here, I introduce an approach that incorporates dynamic spending into retirement income projections and provide an example of how … Read more

Zscaler (ZS) Maintains Buy Rating Amidst Competitive Resilience and Market Dominance – TipRanks Financial Blog

Robert W. Baird analyst Shrenik Kothari has maintained their bullish stance on ZS stock, giving a Buy rating yesterday. Shrenik Kothari has given his Buy rating due to a combination of factors including the company’s resilience in a challenging market environment and its competitive positioning. Despite Palo Alto Networks (PANW) facing unforeseen hurdles with federal … Read more

SoundHound AI Stock: Buy, Sell, or Hold? contributor Parkev Tatevosian evaluates SoundHound (SOUN -1.26%) AI and determines whether the stock is a buy for long-term investors. *Stock prices used were the afternoon prices of Feb. 20, 2024. The video was published on Feb. 22, 2024. Parkev Tatevosian, CFA has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool has … Read more

Is the Copper–Gold Ratio a Dependable Leading Indicator on Rates?

The Copper–Gold Ratio and Dollar Effects Institutional asset managers use the copper–gold ratio as one of the 10-year Treasury yield’s leading indicators. Indeed, as the spread between bond yields and the ratio widened in the third quarter of 2022, DoubleLine Capital CEO and Chief Investment Officer Jeffrey Gundlach cited the relationship, observing that “the 10-year … Read more

Will Super Micro Computer Be Worth More Than Microsoft by 2050?

Super Micro Computer (SMCI -11.84%), also called Supermicro, and Microsoft (MSFT -0.32%) have both profited from the secular expansion of the artificial intelligence (AI) market. Supermicro develops high-end AI servers powered by Nvidia‘s (NASDAQ: NVDA) top-tier GPUs, while Microsoft weaves OpenAI’s generative AI tools into its own cloud-based services. Supermicro went public at $8 per … Read more

Now Is a Great Time to Go Hunting for Passive Multifamily Deals—Regardless of the Headlines

In this article In case you missed it, Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets, wrote this thoughtful article: Multifamily Is at High Risk of Continuing Its Historic Crash in 2024—Here’s Why. Scott and I have been discussing this topic offline anyway, so I thought I would take him up on his invitation to debate the subject online. … Read more

Myth-Busting: The Economy Drives the Stock Market

Introduction Switch on Bloomberg TV or CNBC at any time of the day and there is a good possibility the host will be explaining the daily ups and downs of the stock market as a function of the latest economic news. Unemployment is down, stocks are up. Inflation is up, stocks are down. And so … Read more

Addus HomeCare Corporation (ADUS) Q4 Earnings Cheat Sheet – TipRanks Financial Blog

Addus HomeCare Corporation (ADUS) is scheduled to report 4th quarter earnings on 02/26/2024, after the market closes. Regarding Q4 estimates, Wall Street analysts expect Addus HomeCare Corporation to post earnings of $1.17 per share. Revenue expectations are pegged at $274.47 million. Last quarter, Addus HomeCare Corporation beat earnings estimates, reporting EPS of $1.15 on estimates … Read more

Hidden Gem: Unveiling the Rising Star Within Alibaba’s Vast Empire, and Why Investors Should Be Paying Close Attention

Once a giant in the Chinese technology industry, Alibaba Group (BABA -0.21%) has fallen from grace in recent years. It faced numerous challenges, such as competition and the crackdown by the Chinese government, which impacted its performance. And after the conglomerate delivered its weakest growth — 2% — in the last fiscal year, investors aren’t … Read more

What ESG News Matters Most to the Market?

The following is derived from the 2022 Scroll Award-winning article “Which Corporate ESG News Does the Market React To?” by George Serafeim and Aaron Yoon, from the Financial Analysts Journal. Stock prices react only to financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) news and more so when the news is positive, receives more media coverage, … Read more

Who Cares About the Number of Doors You Have—Cash Flow Is What Actually Matters

In this article When you’re talking to real estate investors, they’ll often tell you how many doors they own, meaning how many rental units they have in their portfolio. Stating door numbers, however, can often be misleading. Generally, the real metric to keep track of is cash flow because, after all, profitability is what counts in any … Read more

Debunking the Myth of Market Efficiency

Sixty years after it was first formulated, the core tenet of the efficient market hypothesis (EMH) — that stock prices fully reflect all available information — is still considered gospel truth in many quarters: Investors can only expect to earn a normal rate of return because prices adjust before investors can trade on fresh information. … Read more

How to Benefit from Bearish Dips

It’s an election year — which means we’ll see thousands of commercials on TV and online. It also means we’ll hear a great deal about the presidential cycle in the stock market. When looking at this cycle, it’s important you start with 1933. Before that year, presidents were inaugurated on March 4. This created a … Read more

Regency Centers Announces Whole Foods Market Anchored Development in Central Connecticut – TipRanks Financial Blog

CHESHIRE, Conn., Feb. 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regency Centers has acquired the land on which it plans to develop Cheshire Crossing, a 152,000-square foot shopping center anchored by Whole Foods Market in Cheshire, CT. This destination will be the retail component of a master-planned community known as Stone Bridge Crossing. Upon completion, Stone Bridge … Read more

5 Smart Ways to Make the Most of a Bonus at Work

It’s always nice to get a bonus at work. You get some extra money to use however you’d like, and it’s a sign that you’re doing well at your job. But it’s also normal to feel unsure about what to do with that money. You might be torn between rewarding yourself and the more responsible … Read more

Best Side Hustles For Women (That Actually Make Money)

The best side hustles for women focus on earning money while finding a fit it into your already busy life. The more money you earn, the more opportunities you’ll be able to take advantage of, like investing, buying real estate, and saving for retirement. The American Association of University Women estimates that women statistically earn 84 … Read more

BiggerNews: Top “Snowbird” Rental Markets

Snowbird season is coming to THESE real estate markets. Every winter, millions of freezing northerners go south, seeking a temporary escape from the cold and to dethaw themselves before returning in spring. And while you may think that most of these destinations are expensive cities, like Miami, there are some cheaper areas that make not … Read more

2024 US Wealth Management Outlook: In with Alternatives?

New Year, New Investments Many of us have crawled into 2024 with a sense of cautious optimism that the mental battering we all took in 2023 won’t repeat itself. While that may yet be a difficult feat during a US presidential election year, the long-foretold US recession has failed to materialize, and the market seems … Read more

5 Key Traits of “Omega Stocks”

You’re seeing all the headlines… Inflation’s here to stay. But the economy is booming. And the stock market recently hit new all-time highs. And I’m sure the one and only thing you actually want to know is… How can I make money? I’ve been a professional investor for more than 40 years. Real Talk: I’ve … Read more

3 Signs Your Investing Strategy Isn’t Working for You

Whether you’re holding your investments in an IRA, a taxable brokerage account, or a combination of both, it’s important to keep tabs on your portfolio to make sure you’re happy with its performance. But if these signs apply to you, it means you may want to reassess your approach to investing ASAP. 1. Your portfolio … Read more

Buffalo Might Be the Hottest Market of 2024—Should You Invest?

In this article Buffalo, New York, will be 2024’s hottest housing market, according to a recent analysis by Zillow. While you may mainly know Buffalo as the place that regularly gets snowed in during the winter, it turns out that the city’s current combination of affordable homes, a thriving job market, and a multibillion-dollar federal regeneration project … Read more

Legend Biotech (LEGN) Gets a Hold from William Blair – TipRanks Financial Blog

In a report released today, Sami Corwin from William Blair maintained a Hold rating on Legend Biotech (LEGN – Research Report). The company’s shares opened today at $63.00. Corwin covers the Healthcare sector, focusing on stocks such as Bluebird Bio, PTC Therapeutics, and uniQure. According to TipRanks, Corwin has an average return of 29.8% and … Read more

A Once-in-a-Generation Investment Opportunity: 1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth Stock to Buy Now and Hold Forever

It’s been roughly a year since the latest developments in generative artificial intelligence (AI) burst onto the scene, captivating Main Street and Wall Street alike. These next-gen algorithms can do much more than their predecessors, dramatically increasing productivity by drafting original documents, summarizing data, writing and correcting computer code, and even creating original presentations from … Read more

Estimating Rehab Costs, Finding “Hard Money”

Need to estimate rehab costs or calculate ARV (after-repair value) on a property? For new investors, these tricky tasks can often make or break a deal. But, as always, our hosts are here to deliver some helpful tips! Welcome back to another Rookie Reply! After diving into rehab costs, discussing hard money, and weighing the … Read more