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Your 4-step guide to setting up an Instagram business account


Instagram is one of the most popular social channels out there and, over the years, small business profiles have seen real success on the platform.

Any small business can produce imagery (it’s actually a lot easier than you think!) and reap the rewards that Instagram offers.

One of the first steps to getting started with Instagram is setting up an Instagram business account. This is different to setting up a personal account, so this guide will help you get your professional account up and running. For more details on all of these steps, check out this article.

1. Sign up to Instagram

You’ll need to download the Instagram app from your phone’s app store (it’s best to use a mobile device to access Instagram). If you already have a personal account, you can sign in and choose the “Add Account” option.

Follow the instructions and sign up using your phone number, email address or Facebook login. You’ll also need to enter your name and create a password. Don’t worry if you use your personal name here, you can always change this later on.

As Instagram and Facebook are both owned by Meta, you can create an Instagram account if you have a Facebook account.

2. Set up your profile

Next, you’ll be guided to set up some of your new profile including:

  • Username: It’s important this relates to your business and is recognisable. If it’s available, using your business name is best practice.
  • Profile picture: Keep this simple and use your business logo so your brand is instantly recognisable on the platform. The ideal profile image size is 320×320.

3. Switch to a business profile

To transform the Instagram account you’ve just created to a business profile, you’ll need to head over to your profile by clicking the profile icon in the bottom right hand corner.

Next, click the small cog in the top right-hand corner and go to the ‘accounts and privacy’ option. Click on ‘account types and tools’ and choose the ‘switch to professional account’ option.

You’ll be prompted to choose the best option for your business profile between a creator (most suited to influencers) and business (best for retailers and businesses). You’ll then be guided through some of the business features, have the option to connect your Facebook page, and choose industry categories which are most relevant to you.

Once you’ve confirmed your business details are correct, you have successfully created an Instagram business account!

4. Completing your profile

Before you start posting, there are a few important settings to look at to complete your setup:

  • Profile name: If you set up Instagram using your personal name, you can change this by selecting “edit” on your business’ profile page.
  • Bio: Take some time to complete your bio, providing a description of your business and adding your website address.
  • Action buttons: One of the perks of having a business account is that you have the options to add additional buttons to your profile. Under public business information, click Action buttons. Select the action and click ‘done’.
  • Public profile: Make sure your new profile is public so people can start finding your content straight away.
  • Additional settings: Enable two-factor authentication to protect your account. It’s also a good idea to set preferences for your notifications, so you can be alerted when people follow you and comment or like your content. It’s also worth heading over to ‘Insights’ where you’ll be able to access data around your post performance and followers.

You can find more details and helpful video links for these steps in this guide.

To make the most of your new Instagram profile, take some time to create and develop a marketing strategy for the platform. This online guide will help you create your own strategy and get started on the platform including guidance on stories, going live, hashtags and influencer marketing. View the guide here, where you’ll also be able to download an interactive checklist to help you get started.

When you’re ready to start posting, check out this guide to writing great Instagram captions and learn more about making the most of social media for your business in this dedicated content hub.

This article was brought to you in partnership with The UK Domain.

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