What is DNS? The Domain Name System in a nutshell

What is DNS? The Domain Name System in a nutshell


Although the DNS plays a major role in daily network traffic, the system also has its problems. One of the biggest problems of the DNS is its security gaps. Since DNS servers store the IP addresses belonging to a domain in an unencrypted form and basically pass them on to anyone who asks for them, they are an ideal target for cybercriminals.

DNS leaks are also a problem faced by users who would like to keep their surfing private. During a leak, a DNS request is sent unprotected to a nameserver instead of being sent via the VPN.

The DNS can also cause problems when it comes to free, uncensored internet. Just recently, for example, the Russian Ministry of Digital Development ordered all domestically available internet services to be routed through Russian DNS servers, so that foreign websites would be blocked. This makes it possible for authoritarian governments to monitor all network traffic. It is also possible to censor through the DNS if, for example, a particular top-level domain was blocked. Internet providers can also block access to certain websites to implement government censorship requirements.


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