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smart cities in Pakistan

When most people think of the term ‘Smart City, they probably think of science fiction and super technologies or living surrounded by computers and apps. However, behind the term Smart City, there is the concept of sustainable living that is intended to modernize and improve life and work in cities of the future. Numerous smart cities are already developing in various parts of the world and Pakistan is no exception. Because smart city not only means that the city should be intelligently networked but above all that it should be future-proof. Different smart cities in Pakistan are being introduced in Pakistan due to increased demand

Cities in Pakistan and around the world are now facing new challenges. Be it
due to climate change or demographic changes in society – the living and
working environment in big cities is changing. To meet the changing
requirements, innovative and future-oriented technologies are therefore
required. Administration, mobility, energy, and the environment are among the
most important issues on the way to becoming a smart city.

We want to know what makes a smart city, how future-proof Pakistani smart cities
already are, and what else we can expect from the new real estate trends in the

What is a Smart City?

What is a smart city

The term smart city describes a concept for urban spaces, with the help of
which cities are to be made more efficient, more livable, and more sustainable
in the future. This is to be achieved through the use of modern and
interconnected technologies, including in the areas of energy management,
administration, and mobility.

Why We Need Smart Cities?

smart cities in Pakistan, increasing demand

The world population is increasing rapidly and more and more people are
living in cities. According to the United Nations, around
2.5 billion more people will be living in cities by 2050
. One challenge
that cities are facing is increasing urbanization. Innovations are necessary
because some cities are already reaching their limits. In Pakistan, we can
experience the negative of overpopulation in big cities like Karachi where the
management of the necessities of the citizens is hugely compromised.  The demand for electricity, energy, and water
is constantly increasing and the environmental impact is immense.

To meet the needs of the population in the city, intelligent and networked
technologies are required. Both the efficiency of scarce resources such as
electricity or local public transport and the quality of life in the cities
must be guaranteed by the city governments. This is why, technologies that
enable a sustainable, green, and environmentally friendly city are very

Emerging Smart Cities in Pakistan

Smart Cities in Pakistan

The concepts of smart cities are diverse and differ in scope. Information
and communication technologies enable the networking of different areas such as
energy, city administration, and mobility. In the future, citizens will be
connected to the urban infrastructure via their smartphones and gadgets.

The smart city depends on smart technologies. Following this notion, various
smart cities in Pakistan are developing and this trend is reshaping the real
estate sector. Some of the best smart cities in Pakistan are Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, and smart cities in Karachi.

Important Features of a Smart City

  • Infrastructure
  • Traffic & Mobility
  • Energy & Environment
  • Business & Trade
  • Housing & Building
  • Administration
  • Life Quality

Existing Smart Cities in Pakistan

A city that is partially considered a smart city exists in some ways.
Islamabad and Lahore are among those cities which are utilizing smart
technologies to manage city traffic, security, and provision of utilities.  However,
there is still a lot to do. You may have a lack of network
coverage even in the middle of the big cities – or shops that still only accept
cash. Quite clearly, in big cities, there is certainly still a lot of catching
up to do on the way to becoming smart cities.

Stable power supplyWhen millions of people in a city get up all at once in the morning, take a
shower, iron clothes, and make breakfast, peak loads occur: significantly more
energy and water are required for a certain period than at other times of the
day. The power supply has to be designed for this.

Smart homesIntelligent
technologies are also moving into the homes. The networking of devices with
each other to control heating, cooling, lighting and household appliances is
taking place. Our household living is becoming smart and this is going to be
the starting point of smart living.


The smart city goes beyond the individual infrastructures and the intelligence and automation of the systems. It is the optimal use of resources that also takes citizens, administration, and the environment into account and creates an appropriate, highly efficient, and sustainable living. Smart cities that link supply and infrastructure and control them comprehensively are needed to meet future challenges and the growing population of Pakistan. This is various smart city projects have been launched and are transforming the real estate sector of Pakistan.

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