What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds (and Why You Need Them)


Because the identify suggests, lab-grown diamonds are diamonds grown in laboratories, in chambers specifically designed for the aim.

However past that, what are lab-grown diamonds, and why would you like them?

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are known as such as a result of they have been synthesized in a laboratory. And rising a diamond will not be a fast course of. Crystallizing carbon atoms till they type a diamond can take from 4 to 6 weeks.

There are two chief strategies by which a laboratory can “develop” diamonds: the high-pressure high-temperature methodology, and the chemical vapor deposition methodology.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

The Excessive-Stress Excessive-Temperature Technique

Rising diamonds through the high-pressure high-temperature methodology began within the Nineteen Fifties. Because the identify suggests, it works through the use of a mix of excessive strain and excessive temperature.

The HPHT methodology simulates the extraordinarily excessive temperature and strain circumstances that drive the pure formation of diamonds roughly 100 miles beneath the Earth’s floor.

The HPHT Course of

The next is the final process adopted for creating lab grown diamonds through HPHT.

  • Place a diamond “seed” and pure carbon in a exactly managed strain chamber.
  • Apply strain better than 870,000 psi and a temperature of round 4,700 levels Fahrenheit to the chamber.
  • The carbon will soften, and the carbon atoms will begin adhering to the diamond seed.
  • The method will proceed till all of the carbons have crystallized on the seed, producing a mature, absolutely crystallized diamond.

To sum up, the HPHT methodology takes a small piece of diamond and makes use of excessive strain and excessive temperature to develop it into a totally crystallized diamond.

Diamond growers additionally use HPHT for diamond shade remedy.

HPHT can flip Sort IIa diamonds with faulty lattices (thus their perceptibly brown hue and lower-color grade) into virtually colorless, high-color grade diamonds.

The Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique

The CVD methodology additionally has its roots within the Nineteen Fifties. Nonetheless, at the least three extra many years handed earlier than scientists used CVD to develop diamonds. And it took many many years extra earlier than the CVD methodology began producing gem-quality diamonds.

The CVD methodology produces giant, square-shaped tabular diamonds. A single CVD run, furthermore, can yield a number of diamonds. CVD additionally requires a decrease temperature and strain than HPHT.

The CVD Course of

  • Put together the CVD diamond rising chamber; it is a low-pressure (lower than 14.7 psi) vacuum chamber.
  • Place a diamond seed plate on the backside of the chamber. This diamond seed substrate could also be a pure, an HPHT, or a CVD diamond.
  • Warmth the diamond slice. The temperature could possibly be from 1,292 to 2,372 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Let a combination of hydrocarbon gasoline (often methane) and hydrogen into the CVD chamber.
  • Use microwave (or laser or another mechanism) to activate the gasoline combination.
  • Because the activated gasoline combination comes into contact with the heated diamond substrate on the backside, the activated gasoline will break down, and carbon atoms will connect themselves to the carbon within the diamond seed.
  • The method will proceed till the diamond substrate turns into a number of layers thick. The longer the diamond is grown, the thicker the diamond will change into.

The CVD diamond is then laser-cut right into a cylinder. Then it could or could not bear HPHT processing for shade remedy.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Actual Diamonds?

Dig up any previous chemistry textbook, and it ought to inform you that diamonds are carbon atoms which have crystallized in an isometric construction. It also needs to inform you that, in a diamond, one carbon atom is covalently bonded tetrahedrally to 4 extra carbon atoms.

Lab-grown diamonds have exactly the identical construction. In addition they look the identical as naturally occurring diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are chemically and bodily an identical to mined diamonds. So sure, they’re actual diamonds.

In truth, it’s nearly inconceivable to inform lab-grown diamonds other than pure diamonds, even upon cautious scrutiny by probably the most skilled gemologists.

Why Select Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds and pure diamonds are an identical, chemically and bodily. On an engagement ring, a Sort IIa colorless pure diamond seems exactly the identical as a Sort IIa colorless HPHT or CVD diamond.

However not like pure diamonds, HPHT and CVD diamonds are higher for the atmosphere and your financial institution steadiness.

Rising Diamonds within the Laboratory Is Extra Sustainable and Eco-Pleasant

Diamond mining actions produce a major quantity of greenhouse gases. The method itself releases dangerous carbons into the air, inflicting air air pollution and contributing to local weather change.

Furthermore, diamond mining actions require eradicating giant quantities of soil, which may result in dangerous adjustments within the pure panorama. Diamond mining additionally results in incursions within the pure habitat of wildlife.

However, HPHT and CVD diamonds are grown in managed environments, decreasing the emission of dangerous carbons into the air.

Lab diamond growers can use renewable power sources in diamond synthesis to cut back using fossil fuels. Utilizing HPHT or CVD diamonds as an alternative of pure diamonds in diamond seeding can additional cut back lab-grown diamonds’ carbon footprint.

Diamond growers can even take particular measures at each stage of the manufacturing chain to cut back carbon emissions.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Can Be Used for All Sorts of Jewellery

Since lab-grown diamonds have an identical bodily and structural qualities to mined diamonds, they’ve virtually the identical makes use of on the subject of creating fantastic jewellery.

So, whether or not you want a diamond engagement ring, wedding ceremony ring, bracelet, pendant or another sort of bijou, you’ll be able to select to make use of lab-grown diamonds and get comparable outcomes. The ultimate end result could be simply as sensible and exquisite.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Reasonably priced

Naturally occurring diamonds have astronomical costs. In distinction, lab-grown diamonds value solely a fraction of what pure diamonds do.

Go for Sustainable, Moral Diamonds

In case you’re nonetheless conflicted in regards to the difficulty of lab-grown diamonds vs pure diamonds, bear in mind this. Lab-grown diamonds are actual diamonds. There isn’t a doubt about this. Look at it underneath a microscope, and it’ll look the identical as a pure diamond.

Choosing a lab-grown diamond will not be settling for something much less. As a substitute, selecting lab-grown diamonds means going for a sustainable choice. And it doesn’t damage that lab-grown diamonds are a lot extra reasonably priced than pure diamonds. 

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