Warrior Rising Helps Veterans Transition to Entrepreneurship


Warrior Rising, a veteran-initiated non-profit since 2015, aids former service members in their transition to entrepreneurship. Providing mentorship, financial assistance, and business resources, the foundation empowers veterans to establish their own businesses, enhancing their economic stability, confidence, and reintegration into society.

Success stories, such as the establishment of REE Medical, demonstrate the effectiveness of Warrior Rising. In a brief period, the founder, a veteran, has shown substantial growth attributed to the knowledge and skills gained from the organization and their unwavering support.

In an effort to accelerate opportunities for emerging “Vetrepreneurs,” Warrior Rising continues to launch various programs like online courses. The goal is to make veterans tech-savvy, supporting their transition and path towards entrepreneurship. The foundation also acknowledges the importance of online learning platforms in the digital age.

On February 29, 2024, Warrior Rising will start the Service-Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurs (SDVET) program, a free four-week online course supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration. It aims to provide resources and instruction to validated service-disabled veterans nationwide, supporting their journey to business establishment.

The course encompasses various topics like entrepreneurship, potential business opportunities, market understanding, competition, business legalities, finances, and business plan creation. The program even includes teachings on managing risk, overcoming challenges, securing funding, negotiation, leadership, strategic planning, and more.

Upon course completion, participants will take part in other Warrior Rising programs, further bolstering successful entrepreneurship among veterans. The course, although virtual, aspires to maintain a sense of camaraderie among veterans, deepening connections and community spirit.

Workshops on aspects such as marketing strategy, financial planning, operational management, and continued access to Warrior Rising resources will follow the course. The ultimate objective is to cultivate a community of prosperous Veteran entrepreneurs, committed to mutual support.

The program aims to convert the courage from their service lives into a successful entrepreneurship mindset. In doing so, it invites service-disabled veterans across the country to avail of their resources, transform their entrepreneurial visions into reality and come together in the celebration of entrepreneurship.


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