True Story Behind the Saudi Billionaire Marrying Her Pakistani Driver

all about pakistan
all about pakistan

Social media goes haywire ever because the information of a Saudi Billionaire marrying her driver has seemed at the web. But thoughts you, he isn’t always an Arab driver, however our very very own Pakistani chauffeur.

For the beyond few days, snap shots and motion pictures of a Saudi wedding ceremony are going viral on social media. Sources declare that the girl is going through the call of Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob.

She is a Saudi businesswoman who owns a couple of homes and groups all over the world.

Her internet really well worth is stated to be $eight Billion. The groom on the opposite hand has an easy and humble historical past and he virtually belongs to Pakistan.

As the information snap shots and motion pictures from the occasion are going viral, Pakistani Twitter is hailing it as ‘prevailing a lottery’ because the groom is now set for life. Here’s how humans are reacting to it.

But it turns out, none of it’s far true. Yes, the couple were given married, and we increase our satisfactory desires to them. However, the reality that the bride is a billionaire or the groom is a Pakistani taxi driving force appears too properly to be true. Let’s test a few facts!

The ‘Saudi Billionaire’ is non-existent.

As plenty as we would really like this information to be accurate, unfortunately, there aren’t anyt any whereabouts of a ‘Saudi Billionaire’ Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob at the internet.

In reality, the net seek does now no longer even monitor any profile of Sahoo bint Abdullah Al-Mahboob. Her call doesn’t seem everywhere besides the information webweb sites and the YouTube motion pictures that have been circulating the information of the marriage.

This makes us surprise if the woman is virtually a commercial enterprise magnate or a billionaire. Not most effective that, however consistent with a netizen, her call is Yasmine bint Mashal Al-Suderi.

The video first seemed on Twitter on December 24, through Ahmed Alolyan and he captioned it,


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