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ToolJet Review – What Makes ToolJet Great and Where ToolJet Falls Short


These days, it seems like for every industry and business model out there, there’s a corresponding third-party software solution businesses can use to save time and simplify the collaboration process.

But what if your business is unique and caters to a very specific niche? Or what if you just have higher standards than everyone else?

With ToolJet, you can design your own fully custom business applications to streamline any of your business processes—from sales, to HR, to accounting, and more—exactly how you envision it.

ToolJet logo for QuickSprout ToolJet review. ToolJet logo for QuickSprout ToolJet review.

Who ToolJet Is For

Since ToolJet is a custom solution, it’s ideal for companies in niche industries and with unique business models. In particular, ToolJet can strongly benefit newer companies in cutting-edge fields that don’t yet have dedicated software solutions available.

ToolJet can also be used by companies with extremely high standards for how their internal applications should be structured. If your business is in a common industry or niche, but none of the existing software solutions are efficient or customizable enough for your needs, ToolJet can absolutely fill that gap.

ToolJet Pricing

ToolJet’s pricing structure is simple and well thought-out.

There’s a Basic Plan, which has limited features but is totally free, a paid Business Plan with all essential features, and an Enterprise Plan which comes with the most advanced features, at custom pricing.

Plans and pricing landing page for ToolJet. Plans and pricing landing page for ToolJet.

Something to keep in mind before looking at the pricing is that ToolJet categorizes users as either builders or end users. Builders actually build and edit the applications, whereas end users simply use it to perform their jobs.

The Basic Plan, which is free forever, comes with:

  • Unlimited applications
  • SSO—Google & Github
  • Community support
  • 5 tables & 10k rows on ToolJet DB

The Business Plan costs $30 per month per builder, and $10 per month per end user. You can save 20% if you opt for an annual plan.

The Business Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan, plus:

  • SSO—Okta, Google, OpenID Connect & more
  • Granular access control
  • Custom branding and white labeling
  • Audit logs
  • Unlimited ToolJet tables and rows
  • Multi-environments
  • Air-gapped deployment
  • Priority support via email
  • Git sync

The Enterprise Plan is fully custom-priced and features everything in the Business Plan, as well as:

  • Multi-instance deployments
  • Dedicated support via email & slack
  • Access to our experts while building apps
  • Build first app with our engineers
  • Custom integrations
  • SLA

This pricing structure is as close to ideal as it gets when trying to serve all business sizes. Smaller startups and companies with limited budgets can use the core features completely for free with the Basic Plan, while large enterprises avoid steep costs and only pay for what they need with the customized Enterprise Plan. And of course, any businesses in between can make use of the reasonably priced Business Plan.

Pros and Cons of ToolJet

Before we dive into specific details and features, let’s look at some higher-level upsides and downsides of the ToolJet platform.

ToolJet Pros

  • ToolJet provides exceptional levels of customization. From our experience, ToolJet delivers on its promises remarkably well. Without needing any sort of coding experience, you can design truly functional business applications with an extraordinarily high level of customization. The options feel nearly endless.
  • If you are a coder, ToolJet lets you do your thing. Even though most businesses will be fine with the intuitive application-building interface, ToolJet fully supports custom code inputs as well, allowing for more detailed modifications.
  • You can integrate ToolJet with nearly any data source. ToolJet states, quite accurately, that it “seamlessly integrates with your existing tools, ensuring smooth compatibility. Simplify your processes effortlessly, enabling your team to work efficiently and effectively.” With ToolJet, integration with databases, APIs, cloud storage, and plugins is as close to painless as it gets.
  • It’s applicable to all business sizes. Large enterprises actually aren’t the only companies with complex internal needs. Tech startups and other innovative businesses often need exactly what ToolJet offers—and thanks to its adaptive pricing structure and ease-of-use, ToolJet meets the needs of those smaller businesses effectively.
  • You can book a free demo at any time. Free trials are great, but almost all software services offer those these days. ToolJet raises the bar with free personalized demos, where an expert will walk you through the platform’s features and answer any pressing questions you may have.

ToolJet Cons

  • You’ll need to make more of your own decisions. This is the only major con we could really identify with ToolJet. Because the purpose of the software is to let businesses design their own platforms, there are necessarily less help resources in times of confusion. But let’s be clear: This is actually a pro for those businesses that like to handle everything in-house, with high levels of independence.

ToolJet Review: The Details

So now you have the bigger picture of ToolJet’s software—but the bigger picture can be a bit misleading if the smaller details don’t hold their weight as well.

With ToolJet, this is something you won’t need to worry about. All of its features are useful and easily understandable. We’ll walk you through our favorites below.

ToolJet homepage with options to book a demo or try for free. ToolJet homepage with options to book a demo or try for free.

Drag-and-drop design interface

The whole point of ToolJet is that it allows non-coders to create complex business applications. With the drag-and-drop functionality of the design interface, you can move elements around in real-time to get a feel for what looks the best and works most efficiently.

You can add UI components like tables, buttons, and forms, create numerous different pages for better organization, and adjust aesthetics with literally just a click of a button. And the ease-of-use in no way minimizes the massive amount of options and customization at your fingertips.

Multiplayer editing

ToolJet allows different builders to simultaneously create business applications from different locations. Much like Google Docs, you’re able to see a name tag next to your co-workers’ cursors, each one color-coded for convenience. You’ll know exactly what everyone is doing as they’re actually doing it.

You can also comment on application elements, notifying the employees who built them. You can ask for adjustments, clarify questions, or give approval.

AI Copilot

Even when you decide to use fully custom code injections, ToolJet has a way to make the process easier. Using an AI engine, the software works with you to complete lines of code, suggest new strings, and even write entire blocks on its own.

This way, you’re able to get the “no-rules” benefits of writing your own code, without having to be a complete expert.

Debugging tools

Whether you’re building an application with ToolJet’s interface or coding your own, bugs and glitches happen. Instead of pretending its software is perfect, “ToolJet comes with a suite of built-in debugging tools to help you quickly and easily find and fix bugs in your complex business logic.” Big win.

Automated workflows

ToolJet allows you to build automated workflow components that save company time and majorly reduce error from manual inputs. So instead of just building basic interfaces with user interaction capabilities, you’ll be able to assemble complex applications with many moving parts, which can do all sorts of helpful tasks behind the scenes.

Screenshot from ToolJet homepage with information on how the software helps to automate workflows. Screenshot from ToolJet homepage with information on how the software helps to automate workflows.

Preset template themes

Though this is technically a “coming soon” feature, ToolJet plans to add an entirely new host of theme options. These will include more detailed individual color and shading features, as well as a series of preset templates to give you a head start in creating your ideal look and feel.

ToolJet in Summary

ToolJet promises quite a bit. According to its website, you will be able to “boost productivity, cut costs, and deploy your tools faster.” From our experience, this is all actually true.

If you’re one of those businesses that doesn’t fit the cookie cutter model for third-party software solutions, ToolJet was quite literally made for you.

Sign up for the free trial or book a demo if you want to learn more.




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