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This New AI Trading Strategy Finds the 30X “Sigma Line”


When AI assistants like Siri and Alexa came out, were you a tad suspicious?

We get it. A digital voice telling you what to do is a little strange.

They were either giving you directions on the road, or telling you when to jump onto that Zoom call, or even when to drink more water throughout the day.

And now, you can use them for anything! Turning the lights on, turning the music down, programming the coffee maker — or even telling you when to go to bed.

But the truth is, Siri and Alexa are now “old AI.”

The new tech is just getting better.

For example, we’ve seen artificial intelligence tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, character.ai, Bard, QuillBot and many others gain popularity over the past year.

Companies across every market are clamoring to adopt “new AI” into their business models in some way, while tech companies like Nvidia have broken into the top ranks of their industry by developing AI software.

And yet, for all the ways AI has advanced rapidly in the past year alone, it’s still a young technology.

Ian King has compared the rise of AI to the advent of the internet in the ‘90s, and even the iPhone in the early 2000s.

Visual Capitalist agrees:

AI Tools Ranked by Visual Capitalist

Out of the dotcom era came browsers (Google, Bing, Safari) and e-commerce (Amazon, eBay). From the smartphone era came digital apps (Uber, Airbnb, Doordash). Now, we’re in an ever-mounting wave of AI applications and software.

Not all of it may be helping us. But as a financial newsletter, of course, our team has been researching how AI can be used as a tool to help us trade better, with more accuracy, and reduce the risk of losses…

🦾 Market Edge: AI Trading Strategy Finds the “Sigma Line”

Ian called it back in November:

There are some things I come across in the tech space that feel like magic. [ChatGPT] was one of them. That led to a huge year for AI. You had chip companies like Nvidia and AMD and of course Microsoft, which owns half of OpenAI, and Facebook with its large-language model. All these companies really took off. Everyone was so excited about this.

2024, I believe, is going to be the year where AI really gets implemented, in the workforce especially.

We’re certainly seeing that play out as companies continue to try and leverage AI in their businesses by cutting costs, streamlining processes and facilitating operations.

Here are some of the top ways businesses are using AI:


From customer service to content creation and cybersecurity, AI has been able to do it all…

Which is why Ian has spent the past year developing a new AI trading strategy.

With $1 million invested into this research, he’s been able to backtest an old indicator that was once used by Wall Street. The power of AI has been able to adapt it to this current market — and select winning stocks with 72% accuracy.

AI-strategy: Sigma Line stocks grow investments by 30X.

The AI model found that if investors had just bought in when stocks crossed a predictive “Sigma Line,” they could have turned $10,000 into $300,000.

The even better news? Ian released a brand-new webinar to break down the details of this strategy and how you can take advantage of it.

Start watching now for free!

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