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The Best MacBook Deals for February 2024


ICYMI: The Apple Vision Pro has been released and you can pick up this marvel of AR/VR technology for an eye-watering $3,499.00. Yeesh. Our reviewer gave it an excellent rating , calling it “the best AR/R interface we’ve seen.” No deals there, but we’ll let you know just as soon as we see one. In the meantime, let’s take a look at MacBooks, which are on sale and are a great deal for those looking to expand their existing Apple ecosystem.

The Best Ultraportable MacBook for Most

Despite the fact that it’s been some years since the MacBook Air M1 was released, this laptop is still an excellent option for those wanting to add to their Apple ecosystem. Power users like video editors and graphic designers may want to step up to the M2 or even M3 chip, but those who have more basic computing needs are in good hands. Our reviewer praised this configuration for its good value and exceptional battery life, among other reasons to get your hands on one. Check out our full review here.

The Best MacBook for Those Who Need More Power

Exceptional battery life and a gorgeous mini LED display make the Apple MacBook Pro M2 a fantastic entry in the MacBook line, which earned it a glowing review from our expert. Though the model he reviewed featured the M2 Max chip, the fact remains that the 2023 Pro M2 model is feature-rich and capable of media creation, gaming, and more. 

Recommended by Our Editors

The Best MacBook for Designers

The MacBook Pro M3 Pro has it all: long battery life, a premium metal chassis, and excellent performance that blows other chips out of the water. Due to its larger size, it isn’t as portable as the MacBook Airs preceding it, but for those in need of a workstation, look no further. Our reviewer scored it very favorably, saying simply, “Windows laptops, eat your heart out”—which is a pretty good endorsement if we don’t say.


Mac vs PC: Which is Better?

This is a tale as old as time and a debate, like the console wars, that will have no winner. Both platforms have their own pros and cons and which is better comes down to the individual needs of the user. 

How Do We Test MacBooks?

MacBooks are given the same battery of tests as Windows laptops, only we run macOS versions of the Cinebench and Geekbench CPU tests and GFXBench GPU tests.

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