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The Best Chromebook Deals for February 2024: Acer, HP, Lenovo And More


If you’ve been watching laptop prices as closely as we do, you might have felt a little shocked. High-end portable machines can run over two grand these days, and that’s a hard expense to justify if you’re just using it to keep up with your email and maybe stream a little Netflix. But a hero awaits: the humble Chromebook.

Running off of Google’s lightweight and flexible ChromeOS, these devices are marketed to students, business travelers and anybody who needs an all-purpose laptop and doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Throw in discounts and price cuts that can bring them down to barely over a hundred bucks in some cases and you can’t lose. Here are the best Chromebook deals we’ve found for mid-February.

This decent if unspectacular Chromebook was already priced ridiculously low, so carving $120 more off makes it a powerful bargain. In our review, we praised the Chromebook 315’s “deliciously smooth” trackpad and robust selection of ports, but criticized it for not being competitive at its base $300 price point with similar models. At $180, though, it starts to look a lot more attractive, especially for students.

This pint-sized Samsung model definitely prioritizes a small footprint, weighing in at just 2.6 pounds. In our review, we called it a “tolerable, minimal laptop” and while that might not be high praise, it’s still a miracle that you can get a portable computer for this low of a price. There are still several positives to be found here, including a surprisingly comfortable and responsive keyboard and impressive battery life.

Acer Chromebook Spin

Celeron N4020 64GB eMMC 11.6″ HD Touch Chromebook

at Amazon

Save $99.99

We called this model “a diminutive, spiffy Chromebook convertible” in our review, praising its responsive keyboard and touchpad and surprisingly large number of ports for a budget laptop. It’s a simple-looking device that can double as an Android tablet with a 360-degree rotating touch screen. It’s very difficult to find a convertible at this price, so snatch it up quick.

Lenovo IdeaPad 1

Celeron N4020 128GB eMMC 14″ Chromebook

at Best Buy

Save $130.00

The Lenovo IdeaPad 1 has a price tag that can’t be beat—especially on its current sale. This configuration comes with a 128GB eMMC (an SSD’s cheaper, lower-capacity cousin) and operates on a Celeron N4020 processor. Thin and lightweight, this Chromebook also includes an HDMI port to connect to an external display and a built-in media reader for easy file transfers. It’s the cheapest laptop we have on offer right now but it definitely gets the job done.

Recommended by Our Editors

Chrome OS is starting to make inroads into the gaming space, and the Acer 516 GE shows just how good they can be at it. We gave this model an Editors’ Choice award in our review, proclaiming “we may be seeing the birth of a promising new class of laptop.” This machine is designed for cloud-based gaming, where a remote server handles all the graphics processing and other hard work and just streams the signal to your device, and it does it stunningly to a bright, clear 120Hz display. It’s not for everybody, but this is a killer price for a unique portable.

This HP laptop has a lot going for it, but perhaps its biggest draw is its juicy 15.6-inch FHD display. Along with Intel UHD graphics, you can stream 4K content, work in hi-def, and even look presentable on the other side of your Zoom calls thanks to the HP True Vision full HD webcam. You’ll enjoy Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of high-speed UFS (universal Flash storage) powered by an Intel i3 processor. Working on the go? High-speed charge capability gets you back up to 50% of battery from zero in 45 minutes.

If you ever wondered how we test laptops, wonder no more! We wrote a deep dive into our extensive process.

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