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Samsung QN95D release date prediction, price estimate & specs


We look forward to the Samsung QN95D release date – discussing specs & price as well

Updated: Feb 15, 2024 3:38 pm

Samsung QN95D release date prediction, price estimate & specs

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We’ve been looking forward to the Samsung QN95D release date ever since Samsung announced their new TV line-up at CES 2024. While they don’t throw around many specific model names, the QN95D looks to represent the latest flagship 4K QLED model – taking over from the QN95C, which of course superseded the QN95B to become the best mini LED TV on the market.

Here you can find everything there is to know about this TV currently out there, though we’ll have to speculate on a few things that Samsung have omitted from their announcement. Aside from the release date window, we can delve into the specs and expected price of the QN95D to see just how it is shaping up. Luckily, there shouldn’t be too much longer to wait and Samsung are releasing more flagship TVs this year such as the S95D and QN900D.

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Today’s best TV deals

Samsung QN95D release date window prediction

While Samsung haven’t officially announced a release date for the QN95D, we expect them to do so very soon. Taking a look back to previous models, we can see that the QN95C and QN95B launched in March 2023 and March 2022 respectively, so we can only assume that the QN95D will likely be released in March 2024. We could see it arriving as soon as mid-late February as well.

We should see a similar story for other 4K QLEDs such as the QN90D as well, though the QN90C did arrive in late February. Once Samsung start revealing more about the launch date & time of this new QLED TV, then we’ll be back to update this page as soon as possible.

Samsung QN95D specs we know so far

Specification Details
Sizes 55″ (outside of US), 65″, 75″, 85″
Resolution 4K (3840 x 2160)
Refresh rate 144Hz
Backlight technology Mini-LED
HDMI standard HDMI 2.1 (x4)
Dolby Atmos Yes
Currently listed specs (source: FlatpanelsHD)

Samsung will be introducing ‘more capable processors in Neo QLED 4K’ TVs this year, but many of the specs remain as what we saw in last year’s model. Regardless, they go on to say that their new 4K and 8K screens will benefit from enhanced picture quality. The QLED 4K range is also slated for refreshed sizes between 43″ and 98″, though it is unlikely that the QN95D will be getting any additional sizes as we have to consider the rest of the range.

Samsung QN95D price speculation

Looking back to the launch prices of the QN95C is our best bet for understanding the cost here. Not a whole lot has changed between generations, so we can expect the price to remain pretty much the same as last year’s model. In the US, the 55″ model was left out of the equation, but it would set you back £2,799 in the UK – here’s a full list:

  • QN95C 55″ price: £2,799
  • QN95C 65″ price: $3,300 / £3,699
  • QN95C 75″ price: $4,200 / £4,999
  • QN95C 85″ price: $5,800 / £6,999

Is the Samsung QN95D the flagship model?

For their mini-LED TV range, the QN95D will be the flagship model of the series as far as 4K goes. They will also be releasing their newest QLED 8K TV in the form of the QN900D. Samsung are yet again releasing a whole host of televisions this year, including their popular QD-OLEDs.

There will be plenty more QLED 4K TVs arriving as well, as we expect equivalents to last year’s offerings. That means we can expect QN90D, QN85D, QN80D, QN75D, QN70D, QN65D, and QN60D variants, each featuring worse specs as you slowly work your way down the range.

Will the QN95D have a 43 inch model?

We don’t expect the QN95D to have a 43-inch model, as it is likely to stick to its usual 55-inch to 85-inch span. Even last year’s 55″ model wasn’t available in the US, so it is a little more restricted in terms of screen size selection. However, plenty of other QLED 4K TVs this year will have smaller sizes. The next step down, the QN90D, is slated to have a 43″ model, as well as a massive 98″ model.




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