PTA is thinking about banning PUBG in Pakistan

PTA is thinking about banning PUBG in Pakistan
PTA is thinking about banning PUBG in Pakistan

Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday coordinated the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to choose over banning (PUBG) in Pakistan.

PUBG the online multiplayer game has been raising worries among the guardians, schools, and government specialists.

Said to ‘promote violence’, PUBG may confront a ban in Pakistan soon.

PTA has been coordinated to settle on banning the acclaimed multiplayer game PUBG from Pakistan according to orders from the Lahore High Court LHC.

Lahore High Court

The LHC got an appeal on Monday from a citizen Faizan Maqsood requesting a ban to be put on PUBG for its negative effect on kids.

The request said that the game detrimentally affects the characters of youngsters around the nation as it “advances violence”.

The appeal included that PUBG is likewise unfavorably influencing the dynamic capacity of kids and mentioned the LHC to expel the game from the Google Play Store.

Subsequent to perusing the request, the LHC requested PTA to settle on the choice inside about a month and a half.

Starting at yet, there is no word on whether the choice will likewise influence PUBG on PC and consoles.

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It merits referencing that Pakistan would not be the main nation to ban PUBG in light of its savage nature.

Back in July 2019, Jordan banned PUBG for its conceivable unreasonable effect on its citizens, a move that trailed comparative bans in Nepal, Iraq, and the Indian province of Gujrat.

China additionally expelled the game from its nation yet supplanted it with an energetic and less savage adaptation called Game for Peace.

The game is indistinguishable from PUBG yet blue pencils all the violence in question.

All things considered, it is critical to remember that child-rearing is the most significant factor here if a kid is susceptible to being impacted by any computer game, that kid ought to be intently managed.

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