Petrol Price decrease RS:5 Rupees Per Liter by the Government

all about Pakistan
all about Pakistan

the Government of Pakistan has reduce the prices of petrol . keeping in mind the reduce of oil prices is internationally.
Note here that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had sent a synopsis to the petroleum division and asked the position to cut the cost of oil by PKR 6 rupees and that of rapid diesel by PKR 7 rupees. The new costs are:

Petroleum: RS 111.60 per liter

Rapid Diesel: 122.26 RS per liter

Oil: RS 92.45per liter

The cost of petrol has been sliced by RS 5 for every liter and that of rapid diesel by RS 5 for each liter also. In addition, the pace of both light-speed diesel and Kerosene oil has been diminished by RS 7 for every liter. The new costs will become effective from first March 2020.

Past costs are as underneath:

Petrol:RS 116.60 per liter

Diesel: RS 127.26 per liter

Oil: RS 99.45 per liter

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