Pakistani developers ranked Number 1 in global JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge

all about Pakistan
all about Pakistan

In this article, I will be discussing about this year’s JavaScript Speed Coding Challenge, in which coders from several countries participated including Malaysia, India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, United States and Pakistan.

In the Java script Speed Coding challenge, Pakistan ranked in the top 1% sections of developers. Even though coders which participated from Pakistan were less in compared to the neighbouring country India.

The Java Script Speed Coding Challenge was held by TopTal , which is a global remote company which provides freelancing platform for businesses, software engineers, business consultants and designers.

In the Java Script Speed Coding Challenge, a set of interesting coding problems are given and the people who are participating have to solve it. The points given are dependent upon the difficulty of the task given and the time taken to solve the problem.

After the Java Script Speed Coding Challenge ended, TopTal released the number of people which participated in the Challenge. There were 2000 participants from 137 countries from around the world.

Majority of the people who took part in the challenge were from India, with 251 participants which entered in the challenge from the South Asia Nation. There were 128 participants from Pakistan, which made Pakistan the seconds highest country from where people entered the Java Script Speed Coding Challenge.

There were also people entering from other countries such as 88 people from Nigeria, 82 people from Bangladesh, 74 people from Malaysia and 67 people from the United States of America.

When the Java Script Speed Coding Challenge came in its last 50 people round. That is where 5 countries made their position, in which Pakistan was honoured the most as it made it position in the first 10 of the 50 people.

As there was coder from Pakistan known as MALLU, whom had 3494 points and ranked 4th in the first 10 people in the list of last 50 people.

There were also other countries which got tied up for the second highest finish in the top 50 finished, which included participants from Bangladesh, Brazil and Serbia. These countries were followed up by other countries including Croatia, Malaysia, Turkey, Nigeria and Sri Lanka.


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