Pakistan to Produce Corona Virus Treatment Medicine in a few weeks

Corona Virus Treatment

Dr. Zafar Mirza reported on Friday that Remdesivir, which is a global medication that is being utilized for the treatment of coronavirus patients, will before long be delivered by a nearby Pakistani company. “Corona Virus Treatment”

During a question and answer session, he stated, “American company Gilead has fabricated this medication and it has demonstrated compelling in treating coronavirus patients.

” He included, “It is said that the utilization of the medication has decreased the force of the infection by 30%.”

Mirza said that solitary five organizations around the world have been given the permit to deliver the medication. He stated, “Among the five organizations [granted the permit to fabricate the drug] one of them is a Pakistani company,” and considered this an “advancement news”.

The SAPM said that Remdesivir will be utilized to treat the COVID-19 patients in the nation after it is enrolled and delivered in the nation – in the following 6 to about two months.

Corona Virus Treatment

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He expressed, “It won’t simply be available for patients in Pakistan anyway the course of action is to exchange this prescription to 127 countries.

Pakistan will be among the three countries on the nations on the world to create and send out this to 127 nations.

This is a major advancement and this is huge news for coronavirus patients in Pakistan, who are expanding continuously and are relied upon to build more.”