Pakistan Post moved up 27 places in world rankings


Pakistan Post has climbed 27 spots on the planet rankings, as indicated by a report gave by Universal Postal Union, the global organization of postal administrations.

According to details, the Universal Postal Union, the global organization of postal administrations, has delivered the 2020 positioning of 170 nations. Pakistan Post was positioned 94th in 2016 with 29 focuses. As indicated by the 2020 report, it has climbed 27 spots from 94th to 67th.

The nations on the planet are at the top which is likewise at the top on the planet rankings in the modern area. This positioning is likewise about the best assistance with certainty, reach, difficult work, and devotion.

With the fulfillment of the new digitization project in Pakistan Post, Pakistan will ascend much higher.

The recently dispatched venture of Pakistan Post and the task to modernize the old framework will make Pakistan Post glad for Pakistan globally.

The report likewise refers to harm to the postal area because of Coronavirus.

The house to house conveyance of Pakistan Post in the global pandemic was additionally valued by the UN Postal Service, Universal Postal Union. Pakistan Post is striving to be in the best 20 by 2023.

Pakistan Post is likewise going to enter online business by finishing the progressing digitization measure.

Improving the rankings will additionally support Pakistan Post s business and gain public certainty. Pakistan will likewise advance Pakistani items everywhere on the world by finishing the cycle of digitization in the Pakistan Post.


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