World’s business magazine (CEOWORLD) has named Pakistan as the most affordable country to live in 2020

all about Pakistan
all about Pakistan

LAHORE – Pakistan has been named as the world’s most affordable country to live in 2020, while Bangladesh is the most costly country in South Asia and Switzerland the most costly on the world.

CEOWORLD — one of the world’s driving business magazines for elevated level official experts and business pioneers — has announced Pakistan the world’s most affordable country to live in, trailed by Afghanistan, India, Syria, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tunisia, Dhaka Tribune revealed.

In the mean time, European nations were conspicuous on the rundown of most costly ones. Of the top 20 countries, nine were in Europe, five in Asia, one in North America and Africa every, two in the Caribbean and two in Oceania.

Norway positions second in the rundown of the world’s most costly nations to live in, trailed by Iceland, Japan, Denmark, Bahamas, Luxembourg, Israel, Singapore and South Korea.

Somewhat further down in the rundown, there is the United States (US) at the twentieth position, the United Kingdom (UK) at 27th, Saudi Arabia at 57th and Russia at 82nd.

The rankings depend on five significant measurements — the average cost for basic items, lease, goods, eating out and buying power. To recognize the world’s most and most affordable nations to live in, the magazine gathered and audited information from many investigations, quantities of the customer value record, average cost for basic items list and various national and worldwide media reports.

The information was then arranged into a list, utilizing the famously costly city of New York City (NYC) as a benchmark. New York was given a file score of 100. So a country with a score higher than 100 is more costly than New York, while underneath signals more affordable.

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