Pakistan Government to Buy Raj Kapoor & Dilip Kumar’s Houses in Peshawar

Raj Kapoor & Dilip Kumar’s Houses
Raj Kapoor & Dilip Kumar’s Houses

In this article, I will be discussing about the houses of two famous Indian actors; Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar. Both actors had houses which are located in Peshawar Pakistan.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa GOV and the provincial archaeology department recently found the two houses which belonged to the two famous Indian actors.

Raj Kapoor lived in the walled area of in Peshawar, the house was six marlas and was estimated area of 5184 sqaure feet. Just a few blocks away was the old residence of Dilip Kumar which was located in the City of Khudad Qissa Khwani. Dilip Kumars residence had an estimated area of 1077.83 square feet.

In today’s time both of the residences of legendary actors are valued at 15 million and 8.05 million.

The GOV of Pakistan was instructed to pay 24 million to pay in order to purchase both of the houses. This is because in 2016, there heritages sites being destroyed in Peshawar and both of the actor’s houses were being taken the decision to be destroyed. However due the both the houses belonged great legendary actors of the Indian Film Industry, which made a lot of up roar on social media.

Therefore, the Pakistan GOV decided not to destroy the houses and instead to preserve the houses which is what the solution the KP Antiquities Act gave when the matter was taken under it.

The KP Archaeology and Museums Director, Dr Abdul Samad commented on this by “The GOV has decided to preserve the houses, instead of destroying”, in order to maintain historical ties with India.

Dr Abdul Samad further added “The GOV plans to also renovate the houses and possibly turn them into museums”, in order to for people and future generation to visit Pakistan and view how much common the people of two countries with have with each other.

This idea of Pakistani GOV of not destroying the houses belonged to legendary actors of the Indian Film Industry, will also distinguish those stereotypes set in India with regards to Pakistan being a dangerous country and people being against Indians.

This is because this will show or make some people realise that Pakistan does value India Efforts in similar fields in which Pakistani people have also worked in such as Javed Sheikh, Ali Zafar, Imran Abbas Khan, Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan.

Though some actors excluding Javed Sheikh have done work in the Indian Film Industry, such as Ali Zafar in Tere Bin Laden (2010), Mahira Khan in Raees (2017) and Fawad Khan in Khoobsurat (2014). However, these actors can’t be even compared with Dilip Kumar and Raj Kapoor.


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