Pakistan Develops Two Unique Varieties Of Banana

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Two Unique Varieties

The Government of Pakistan has reached one more milestone in its tireless attempt to redo the agricultural sector of the country. PARC has developed two new varieties of banana for cultivation in Sindh.

As per reports, the new varieties – NIGAB-1 and NIGAB-2 – were developed at the National Institute for Genomic and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) of the National Agricultural Research Center. This research community has as of now delivered 300,000 sans disease plants through tissue culture.

The Sindh Seed Council has endorsed the business cultivation of NIGAB-1 and NIGAB-2 in the territory. As per sessional experiments, these varieties are conceivably high-yielding and will sustain broadened shelf life.

National performance statistics show that banana is cultivated more than 80,000 acres of land in Pakistan. The organic product is also an essential source of pay for thousands of rustic households in agricultural nations. Right now, agrochemical-intensive creation energized with declining maker prices has offered rise to substantial natural challenges.

UN’s Food and FAO ranks Pakistan’s per-section of land yield lower than India and China. Both neighboring countries produce in excess of 10 tons for each section of land.

As indicated by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), worldwide banana creation and tropical fruits are extended to increase 1.8 percent every year during this decade. Under current circumstances, creation will yield slightly more than 255 million tons by 2028.


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