Made in Pakistan E-bike Teleport model T1 is launching on 18th December

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In today’s article, I will be discussing Pakistan Based E-Bike manufacturing company, which is about to launch its first bike model the T1.

The name of the Pakistan Based E-bike start-up is Teleport which will launch its first bike model on 18th of December 2020.

The NIC Peshawar start-up Teleport hopes to make its mark in the e-bike ecosystem of the region. The first model of the Teleport Bikes is still in the final development stages, the start-up company ensures to offer a new, innovative, radical, and optimized design.

The start-up company shared that the company has spent for than 2 and a half years developing the product.

The owner of the start-up Teleport is Mohyuddin Khan is also a doctor, entrepreneur and has passion for local electric based automotive.

Mohyuddin Khan wants to innovate the Pakistani Automotive Industry, but as well as strive towards a much cleaner transportation system by ensuring to become carbon-free.

Since there is a lot of hype given to electric bikes globally, the teleport start-up company wanted to innovate in such a way where the product doesn’t contribute to carbon emissions and shift towards cleaner and renewable sources of energy.

Generally, e-bikes are considered very expensive but however, the Teleport start-up company ensures that the e-bikes will be offered to customers at an affordable price.

Teleport Start-up company will significantly reduce the cost of the Model T1 and the rest of the models it will be developing. The Teleport start-up is manufacturing its e-bikes under the ISO (International Standards Organization) to ensure that all quality standards are met by the product before the product gets launched into the market.

However, there isn’t any other information with regards to the model T1 which did its exciting appearance in a short video on Instagram. Therefore, the rest of the stuff regarding the model t1 will be revealed on the day it will release which is on 18th December 2020


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