Murf: A Voiceover Studio With Voices Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Murf: A Voiceover Studio With Voices Powered By Artificial Intelligence (AI)


I’ve personally done a few voiceover jobs for other companies and thoroughly enjoyed the work. It’s not easy work, though. Annunciation, inflection, tone… all require practice. Not to mention having a great studio to record in for outstanding voice quality.

There are challenges with voiceovers, though.

  • Talent – it’s not always easy to find the right personality to record your voiceover work. Often, we selected a few different people and then presented each to the client for acceptance.
  • Expensive – great talent can be quite expensive. Especially if you require some edits and re-recording.
  • Licensing – most voiceover talents have limits on how you can utilize their voiceover contractually. We’ve seen talent pursue companies legally when they distributed the voiceover on other sites or added it to other recordings.
  • Speed – some of the platforms we’ve used to find talent returned the recordings within hours… but sometimes it took longer to receive our files.

This is the perfect opportunity to enlist artificial intelligence (AI). With a full library of audio from actual humans, AI can be used to automate the voice output. Murf has a library of more than 120 human-parity AI voices across 20 languages, and is able to synthesize speech for advertising, audiobooks, explainer videos, e-learning, podcasts, videos, or other professional presentations.

Murf AI Voice Generator

Murf is not just a text-to-speech tool. It provides a complete toolkit for making voice-over videos. You can combine images, videos, music, adjust timing, and so on. The Murf Studio enables users to select the voice, insert and control their text, synchronize it to their video, and export the file wherever needed. They can adjust the pitch, speed, and emphasis of the voiceover… and interject and make edits as needed.

murf ai voice generator

It’s an impressive platform. Here’s an e-commerce example produced by Murf.

You can subscribe to Murf on both a monthly and yearly basis. They also have a One Time Basic Pack that gives you access to 60 basic voices, 10 languages, and 30 minutes of voice generation time valid for 30 days.

Sign Up For Murf

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