Mercantile Law CSS Paper 2022



Mercantile Law CSS Paper 2022. CSS Mercantile Law Paper 2022. CSS 2022 Mercantil Law Paper.

Q2. Classify and discuss contracts into the following four categories: According to Enforceability, According to Formation, According to Performance, and According Parties. Explain with examples.

Q3. Who is an unpaid seller: What are the rights of an unpaid seller against the goods?

Q4. Discuss different types of partnerships. What are the different modes of determining the existence of a partnership?

Q5. Critically analyze the Competition Commission of Pakistan as an institution. Discuss in detail the establishment, functions, and Powers of the Competition Commission of Pakistan?

Q6. What are the functions of the certification Council under the Electronic Transaction Ordinance, 2002?

Q7. Discuss unfair practices according to the Consumer Protection Act, 2006, and the role of the Consumer Protection Council.

Q8. Discuss different types of companies? How a company is wound-up?


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