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LOGYTalks hosts first Entrepreneurship Global Summit 


LOGYTalks is hosting the first of its annual Entrepreneurship Global Summits on Thursday 23rd February 2023. At the 24h event, international experts, serial entrepreneurs, VC associates, and professionals will gather to share best practices or present innovative ideas in the field of entrepreneurship. You can register for the summit here: https://logytalks.com/summit/the-entrepreneurship-summit 

LOGYTalks, the new innovative conference platform, is hosting the first of its annual Entrepreneurship Global Summits on Thursday 23rd February 2023, kicking off at – 7:00 AM GMT | 2:00 AM EST | 11:00 PM PST – on https://logytalks.com/summit/the-entrepreneurship-summit 

Entrepreneurship Summit
Entrepreneurship Summit


In a time of perhaps unprecedented global challenges, these summits open up to those not able to afford a plane ticket and big-buck conference fees. They’re hosted in cyberspace and uniquely offer simultaneous translation into various languages. This way, it makes attendance affordable, environmentally friendly, and open to a broader and more diverse range of delegates. It is a truly global conference. Also, at the Entrepreneurship Summit 2023, we expect international participants from a large spectrum of professional backgrounds. They range from investors, entrepreneurs, global experts, recruitment agencies, coaches, and many more. Likewise, they plan to come together to learn, share, and discuss industry challenges, solutions, and innovations.

“Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth and job creation, and we are thrilled to be hosting this summit to support and inspire the next generation of business leaders,” said Founder/CEO Driss Ennaanay, “LOGYTalks is committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility in all of our events, and this summit is no exception. We want to provide a platform for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds and regions to connect and learn from one another.”

What the Summit Includes

The Entrepreneurship Summit will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, all designed to provide attendees with the tools, insights, and connections they need to take their businesses to the next level. The virtual platform will allow attendees from around the world to participate in real-time. It includes translation capabilities to accommodate delegates with different native languages than English.

“We believe that entrepreneurship is a force for positive change. By empowering entrepreneurs we can help create a more equitable and prosperous world.”

Likewise, for more information, or to register for the Entrepreneurship Summit as an audience, visit www.LOGYTalks.com. We include open attendance for anyone interested.

The Entrepreneurship Summit is one of many events that LOGYTalks will be hosting this year. Find them in the previous summits section on www.LOGYTalks.com. Also, like its predecessors, attendance at each session is certified so that delegates can count it towards their annual CPD requirements. Additionally, each session will be recorded and made available through the platform from the 24th of February onwards for free. So, this opens up the conference content to those who are unable to attend on the day. Or who can only sit in on one or two of the sessions due to other commitments.

Various Industries Attending

Additionally, the summit will also highlight the impact of entrepreneurship on various industries. Plus, the role it plays in driving innovation and sustainable economic growth. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. Moreover, these leaders share their stories, lessons learned, and best practices for building and scaling successful businesses.

The Entrepreneurship Global Summit is not just a conference, but a collaborative and interactive platform designed to bring together a diverse community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders to share ideas and create meaningful connections. With an emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility, LOGYTalks aims to provide a platform for entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and regions to connect, learn, and grow.

About LOGYTalks:

LOGYTalks is a virtual conference platform that believes in creating a more inclusive and equitable world. This is by making access to information and opportunities for growth accessible to all. Moreover, the platform offers a variety of virtual conference experiences. These include keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Also, all attendees find it accessible from the comfort of their own devices.

Founded to create a new global conference platform, LOGYTalks (www.LOGYTalks.com) allows subject matter experts and businesses to connect with the people who want to hear what they say. We don’t just host and curate conferences. Additionally, we help create long-lasting communities that encourage dialog and the exchange of ideas that leads to transformational change.

We are “Making Professionals Visible.” And we believe in reducing the financial, locational, and language barriers that prevent access to ideas and innovations that can transform our world.




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