Famous Turkish Actor of Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan


Lahore Lahore Aye Engin-Altan Duzyatan Wins-Hearts Of Pakistanis

In today’s article, I will be discussing about the recent visit of the famous Turkish Actor of Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan. Ergin Altan who played the character of Ertugrul Ghazi visited Lahore

. In a press conference set for the Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan described his experience of response he had got from the Pakistani people.

The Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan said that people in Pakistan showered his love and adoration especially due to the character he played in the second installment of Ertugrul Ghazi; Dilliris Ertugrul.

The Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan said that he was surprised how much the famous Turkish Series was loved Imran Khan; Prime Minister of Pakistan, and how much Imran Khan loves the Turkish People and him.

The Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan said that he was extremely happy and overwhelmed by the sort of response the Pakistan audience gave to the Turkish Series Ertugrul Ghazi.

The Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan had then said that he is very honoured about the Pakistani Audience have received the series and how appreciating the people of Pakistan are about it.

Especially Prime Minister Imran Khan, encouraged the Pakistani people to must view the drama, Ertugrul Ghazi. Since it has a religious aspect to the drama as well, and it explores tales of the Muslim Warriors.

The Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan then also decided that he would be open to work in the Pakistan Industry. The Turkish Actor, was a bit upset that he couldn’t visit other places in Pakistan due to COVID-19 restrictions.

But however the Turkish Actor, Ergin Altan couldn’t seem to resist and talk about how much he loved the food in Lahore, which had the chance to have while on the visit.


There is a lot of commonalities between Pakistan and Turkey, which need to be explored. This is because by small instances like these where a Turkish Actor pays a visit to Pakistan due to the craze formed by the Turkish Series. The Turkish Actors will take away a lot of stuff which can promote Pakistan Tourism and what sort of people are there in Pakistan.

This may have a great influence in building and strong relationship between Turkey and Pakistan. Even though in recent times, the exchange has been mainly due to the TV industry, but however this could also lead to imports/exports to take place between Turkey and Pakistan.

This can be first step to a lot of things Pakistan and Turkey and do together for each other’s country in order to have a healthy and respectful relationship as well as to ensure peace is kept intact within Muslim countries.


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