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Kingdom-Centric Development with Dr. Angela Pipersburgh » Succeed As Your Own Boss


Dr. Angela Pipersburgh is a dynamic figure in the fields of spiritual leadership and entrepreneurship. She is renowned for her Kingdom-centric approach to personal and professional development. She has successfully established four innovative brands, including the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, Kingdom Business School, Shaddai Marketing and Communications, and Kingdom Investors, all aimed at uplifting Christian professionals and businesses. Known as the “Supernatural Coach,” Dr. Pipersburgh is committed to helping individuals discover their true identity, embrace their purpose, and realize their vision. She has published two books, “Your Gift IT Makes Room” and “Aligning With Your Destiny Connector,” which are available on Amazon. For more information: www.kingdomchamberofcommerce.org

In this episode, I am joined by Dr. Angela Pipersburgh to discuss the intersection of faith and business. We delve into incorporating spirituality into the marketplace, setting faith boundaries at work, and faith-driven decision-making. We also explore finding personal potential and navigating major life changes in business.

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Dr. Angela Pipersburg emphasizes the integration of faith and business principles to create a resilient and unmovable foundation for entrepreneurs, encouraging them to align with their purpose and assignment on Earth.
  • Treating employees with respect and care, regardless of their beliefs, is crucial in creating a positive workplace environment and can be a reflection of a business leader’s personal faith.
  • Dr. Pipersburg advises business leaders to avoid making hasty decisions during times of personal change and to seek guidance from their faith or spiritual practices before making major business decisions.

Resources Mentioned:

Startup Bootcamp: https://smallbizladyuniversity.com/startupbootcamp

Connect with Dr. Angela Pipersburgh:

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