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Insurance Coffee House Podcast: Guidewire’s Paul Mang and me | Insurance Blog


It was my great pleasure to join Paul Mang, Chief Innovation Officer at Guidewire, on the Insurance Coffee House Podcast. Paul and I talk about how our career journeys have intersected and how we now work to drive innovation for our insurance clients. 

Accenture and Guidewire have a close relationship and work with P&C carriers all over the world. We are constantly growing our talent resources and certifications to better serve clients and create career paths for the next-generation insurance workforce.  

Attracting and retaining talent in the industry is a growing imperative. It is also a big part of our podcast conversation. I would like to thank Nick Hoadley for being a gracious host.  

The full-length recording is available on major podcast platforms and insurance-search.com/captivate-podcast 

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