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iFixit’s Vision Pro Teardown Offers Rare Glimpse Inside the $3,500 Device


Apple’s Vision Pro has only been out for a few days, but the folks at iFixit have already taken the device apart.

The site published its first teardown video of the device, offering some insights into what’s inside Apple’s new AR/VR headset. Specifically, the site called out parts that are weighing it down as well as which components might be hard or expensive to fix in the future.

In general, the group found that taking the device apart works in the same way as many other Apple devices, and requires a heat gun, lots of screws, and a little bit of elbow grease.

The Vision Pro’s EyeSight feature, which allows the device to show a 3D version of the wearer’s eyes, is a standout. According to iFixit, the feature has “so many points of failure for such a creepy feature.”

The site says there’s way too much to the Vision Pro to show off in just one video, so we’ll likely see more from the group soon.

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