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HP Instant Ink printer subscription $10 credit


If you’re frustrated with the high cost of printer ink or if you’ve ever had to make an emergency run to the office-supply store for new cartridges, read on.

HP is known for its innovative printers, so it only makes sense that the company offers a convenient and money-saving subscription program to ensure their smart printers never run out of ink. Sign up for HP Instant Ink and HP will automatically deliver a new ink or toner cartridge to your door, when you need it. New subscribers can even nab a $10 credit right now. Depending on which plan you choose, that credit can mean up to six months of free ink.

Here’s how to make sure you never run out of ink again—and save money—with HP Instant Ink.

Pick Your Printing Plan

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HP has an Instant Ink or Toner plan for all your needs. Ink plans start at just $1.49 per month for people who print about 10 pages in that time. The Occasional printing plan is the more popular plan with 50 pages a month for $4.99. Small businesses and people with a WFH setup might opt for the plan that covers the most ink usage, up to 700 pages each month, offered at $27.99. Plus, this could help you save up to 50%* on your ink costs.

Let Your Smart HP Printer Do the Ordering

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With your Instant Ink subscription, your Wi-Fi-connected HP printer will automatically let HP know when it’s low on ink and HP will send you a new cartridge before you run out. This means your subscription plan lets you pay for the ink you need when you need it. You’re not getting charged every month for something you’re not using.

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Maybe you don’t know how many pages you usually print, or your monthly print needs vary. HP’s flexible subscriptions allow you to roll over any unused pages to the next month and, if you need more ink than your current plan calls for, you can add more pages for as little as $1.

Jump on HP’s Instant Ink $10 credit for new subscribers. Depending on your printing needs, it could get you up to six months of free ink—and that’s worth it.

*Based on monthly subscription cost of HP Instant Ink 700-page plan without purchase of additional sets of pages compared to cost per page (CPP) to print ISO/IEC 24711 pages on most HP, A4 color inkjet cartridge printers and MFPs.

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