How to Supercharge Your Year-End Fundraising



Year-End FundraisingWe’re coming into the most important time of year for non-profit fundraisers: the year-end giving season.  Did you know that over 40% of all annual gifts are made in November and December?  Or that 12% of all annual gifts to non-profits are made on the final 3 days of the year?

If you’re not maximizing your fundraising during these months, you’re missing out on significant revenue for your organization.  Simply put, you need a plan to raise more money and reach more donors during the year-end fundraising season.

But if you wait until December to build your year-end strategy, it’s already too late.  Thousands of non-profits are putting their year-end plans in place right now so that they can raise more money at the end of the year than ever before.

Your non-profit does great work.  You need to raise more money in order to thrive.  And more money is available from donors in November and December than any other time of year!

That’s why next week, I’m holding an exclusive webinar called How to Supercharge Your Year-End Fundraising.  Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked with hundreds of non-profits on year-end giving.  Now I want to show you the simple, step-by-step system that you can use to raise more money, find more donors, and get bigger gifts during the year-end giving season.

Don’t miss out.  Registration for the webinar closes soon.  Let’s make this the best year-end fundraising season in the history of your non-profit!

Click here to learn more or register for the webinar.

See you there!



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