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How the insurance industry can be more flexible


How the insurance industry can be more flexible | Insurance Business America

Human beings need to be treated as such

How the insurance industry can be more flexible

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While there have been strides made to prioritize workers’ physical and mental health since the early days of the pandemic, more can still be done according to Tamieka Weeks (pictured), director, global risk management & insurance at Southwire Company.

“Some of us have families or loved ones that require extra care. You also may be struggling with an illness and need that extra flexibility to attend doctors’ appointments or other urgent needs,” she said.

“However, overall, I don’t think the industry as a whole still views us as human beings. While some flexibility does exist, I am seeing an uptick in the amount of companies that are requiring full-time back-to-office and increased travel.”

Weeks cautions that, as employees, insurance professionals need to protect themselves and make self-care an integral part of any professional or personal routine.

“There certainly is a delicate dance to achieving this, but we all have to continue to set boundaries for ourselves, whether that’s not taking calls on certain days or only going into office two days a week,” she said.

Weeks also brought up why it is important to build meaningful connections with employers and other coworkers to be able to have more empathetic conversations about personal needs.

“You never know who else may be going through a similar situation,” she said.

“Odds are, you’re not alone in your struggles, and it’s key that all of us are able to depend on one another when we need it most.”

In an interview with Insurance Business, Weeks spoke about how she is excited to speak on a panel at this year’s Women in Insurance Summit Atlanta and why these types of events can be beneficial for female professionals.

Speaking at Women in Insurance Atlanta

As the director of global risk management & insurance for the Carrollton, GA-based Southwire Company – a company she has been with for over 20 years – Weeks is responsible for the organization’s insurance procurement, managing all risk operations to implement effective and efficient risk treatment strategies, and overseeing risk management processes including claims oversight.

Elsewhere, she sits on the RIMS (Risk & Insurance Management Society, Inc.) global board of directors while continuing to serve on the Atlanta RIMS chapter board of directors, where she completed a two-year term as chapter president. More recently, she joined Next OnBoard and continues to focus on increasing her leadership skills.

With her extensive experience in the field of insurance and her passion to be at the forefront of thought leadership, Weeks is looking forward to sitting alongside other female professionals in the “Strategies to empower women in insurance – Unlocking leadership success at every career stage” panel.

“Right off the bat, I’m excited about the memories that I’m going to make with this tremendous group of people,” Weeks said.

“Emotions are going to run high, and I’m going to be able to meet people that I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with if it wasn’t for this event.”

Using her platform to discuss empowerment in the industry, Weeks believes that leaders should be their most congenial and authentic selves when inspiring others.

“It’s really important to be approachable and transparent, allowing people the opportunity to feel that it’s OK to walk up to ask a leader any question confidently,” she said.

“We, as leaders, need to create spaces where those who are working with us can be their most authentic selves.”

Weeks plans on stressing the importance of constantly seeking networking opportunities for younger professionals looking to further their careers.

“Getting out there to events like this or getting involved with committees is key to building your network and skill set,” she said.

“I’m excited to discuss with the other panellists how important networking opportunities like this are, how we can help younger women feel empowered in choosing a career in insurance and make those in attendance feel comfortable to talk with other attendees and build connections.”

To find out more about the Women in Insurance Summit Atlanta or if you wish to attend, click on this link.

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