Governance And Public Policies CSS Paper 2022



Governance And Public Policies CSS Paper 2022. CSS Governance And Public Policies Paper 2022.

Q2. “In developing countries with weak governance and accountability mechanisms, there is no such thing as public-private partnerships. but in reality only ‘plate-private’ partnerships.” Discuss.

Q3. “Without a presumption of confidentiality of government decision making and information. effective government is impossible.” Discuss if you agree with this statement while highlighting Pakistan’s experience with the Freedom of Information Act.

Q4. If circumstances in a country happen to be such that official corruption is not having any negative effect on economic growth, except for a moral argument is there any compelling reason to make a major effort against it? Discuss this statement by grounding it in the historical progress against public corruption by governments and institutions in Pakistan.

Q5. The best approach to reduce corruption is a frontal assault on crooked officials and civil servants, with strong enforcement and severe penalties for corrupt behavior. Discuss if you agree while analyzing the effectiveness of the Estacodc and the code of ethics in Pakistan.

Q6. Political science uses a variety of conceptual models to help explain political life and public policy. Compare and contrast the public choice theory and game theory in the context/experience of public policymaking in Pakistan.

Q7. Choose one of the following statements and support it with arguments.

  1. Outsourcing is a necessity when the public administration is weak.
  2. Outsourcing is a danger when the public administration is weak.

Q8. While critically analyzing Pakistan’s experience with local government reform over the years, highlight the lessons that can be learned from success stories of local government reforms in other developing countries by Pakistan.


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