Climbing Routes on Nanga Parbat


1. Climbing Routes on West Face (Diamir)

The western facet is the Diamir Face of Nanga Parbat eight-thousander.

(1) Kinshofer Route (1962, unique route).
(1a) Trendy model of the Kinshofer route.
(2) Route of the Messner brothers 1970
(3) Solo route of Reinhold Messner, 1978
(4) Slovenian route, 2011
(5) Solo route of Reinhold Messner, 1978
(6) Pre-summit part of the Schell route ( Schell route), 1976 (the ascent was comprised of the Rupal facet by means of the Mazeno go).

As well as, a number of variants of the Schell route exist immediately, such because the 1981 passage by Ronald Naar; climbers Viki Groselj and Irena Mrak additionally handed their variants.

2. Climbing Routes on South Face (Rupal)

South South East Spur (Messner Route)
First Ascent: Reinhold Messner, Gunther Messner, Peter Scholz and Felix Kuen,

Higher South West Ridge (Schell Route)
First Ascent: Gimpel, Schauer, Schell and Sturm, 1976

South East Pillar
First Ascent: Zygmunt Heinrich, Jerzy Kukuczka, Carlos Carsolio and Slavomir Lobodzinski, 1982

Direct South –East Face
Unclimbed; Steve home and Bruce Miller reached c.7550m in

Direct South East Face – Central Pillar
First Ascent: Steve Home & Vince Anderson, 2005
Grade: 5.9, M5 X, WI4

South Face Direct
Unclimbed; Tried by Tomaž Humar in 2005; Reached 6300m

3. Climbing Routes on North Face (Rakhiot)

Rakhiot Glacier and East Ridge
First Ascent: Hermann Buhl, 1953

Japanese Route
First Ascent: Hiroshi Sakai, Yukio Yabe, Takeshi Akiyama, 1996

Rakhiot Face – Pilar Val Fiemme
Unclimbed. Tried as soon as in 1988 by an Italian workforce

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