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Breakwater Ventures Allocates $10M to Boost Software Startups


Seattle-based seed fund, Breakwater Ventures, has revealed plans to champion software startups not only within the Pacific Northwest, but also on a broader scale. Launching just last year, the company has accrued $10 million for its initial fund and is set to inject a significant sum into the software industry.

While Breakwater Ventures is young, its vision transcends the confines of its Seattle base. The company is eager to foster software startups on a national and global level, extending its reach beyond the Pacific Northwest to fuel evolution and development in the software sector.

The masterminds behind Breakwater Ventures include former SeaChange managing partner William Finney, former associate Peter Mueller, and former director of fund management Lauren Mueller. The trio brings with them a wealth of knowledge from their tenure at SeaChange, intent on driving growth within the high-tech industry.

According to Finney, the surge in local startups and the escalating demand for venture capital were factors that sparked the genesis of Breakwater. The team is driven to meet the startup industry’s unique needs and nourish fresh ventures with much-needed investment.

Breakwater Ventures will mainly target four sectors—data/AI, enterprise, fintech, and marketplaces. While the Pacific Northwest will receive substantial attention, startups from far-flung regions are not excluded from consideration. Investment quantities are anticipated to range between $250,000 and $1 million. The company’s current roster includes a biotech data software firm and a credit services startup.

Financial backing for Breakwater Ventures comes from various sources, encompassing former SeaChange investors and rookie patrons, along with distinguished names from prominent companies like Meta, Microsoft, Oracle, and seasoned venture capitalists. These backers, their industry experience, and their monetary contributions lend Breakwater Ventures a considerable advantage in today’s competitive business arena.

Despite a general decline in venture capital, seed-stage funding remains robust. Consistent investor interest in early-stage enterprises bodes well for the future, with particular emphasis placed on diversity among founders. Many of these startups are in innovative fields like technology and healthcare, set to shape our economy’s future through sustainable and equitable growth.




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