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Booking Business Class Tickets May Be Worth It if You Value These 3 Things


Some travelers prefer scoring the best price possible when buying airfare. They don’t feel the need to pay for extras beyond what’s offered with an economy class ticket because they want to get the best deal. However, other travelers prefer to pay for additional comforts and amenities.

Still deciding whether to book an economy class ticket or spring for business class on your next trip? Consider what you value most to determine how to spend your money on this travel expense. A business class ticket may be worthwhile if you value the following.

1. Enjoying more space and greater comfort

No one likes feeling cramped into tight spaces or sitting in uncomfortable seats. Most airlines fit in as many coach seats as possible to maximize their revenue. If you value having more space and greater comfort, consider booking a business class ticket.

You’ll have greater comfort and privacy because you’ll have more personal space. You can also expect a more comfortable seat with more legroom. Depending on the route, you might get a lie-flat seat. This expense may be worth it if you want to be as comfortable as possible during your flight.

2. Getting personalized care and attention

When you fly in economy, you can expect to receive a basic level of service. Flight attendants will check in occasionally, and depending on the route and flight length, they may provide snacks, drinks, or meal services.

But you shouldn’t expect personalized care or attention. A business class ticket may be worthwhile if you value a higher level of customer service and care. Since business class travelers typically spend more money on their airfare, airline staff are trained to give these passengers more attention and better service.

3. Arriving well-rested

On a long-haul flight, getting comfortable enough to sleep can be almost impossible. If you have big plans to start exploring your destination as soon as you land, it can be challenging to do so without being well-rested. When flying in economy, you may get little rest during the flight.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your travel destination feeling unrested and unwell. Some travelers may find the additional expense of a premium class ticket well worth it, knowing they’ll arrive more refreshed and ready to enjoy their trip.

How to save money on premium airfare

Business class airfare doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to get a deal on a business class ticket. Here are a few tips to save money when buying premium airfare.

  • Subscribe to a flight deal service: If you want to experience business class without a high price tag, consider subscribing to a flight deal service. Subscribers are sent airfare deals by email. You can subscribe to a plan with access to premium class airfare deals.
  • Use Google Flights to track pricing: Google Flights is an excellent airfare pricing resource. You can compare prices for airfare across multiple carriers. You can also track prices for a particular business class flight so you can time your purchase to get the best price.
  • Use your credit card rewards: You can earn valuable rewards using travel rewards credit cards. Many travelers redeem their credit card rewards for airfare to make their vacations less expensive. If you have points or miles that you need to use, consider redeeming them for a business class ticket.

Spend money on what matters to you

We all value different things. Before spending money on travel, consider what’s important to you. A business class ticket may be ideal if you’re a traveler who appreciates greater comfort and privacy, extra care and attention, and arriving at their destination well-rested.

If you’re looking for a way to prepare before you book your next trip, consider stashing money in a high-yield savings account ahead of time. You’ll feel better knowing you have the funds needed when it’s time to book your airfare. For additional financial tips, check out our personal finance resources.

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