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If you’re still relying on legacy, static PDFs, Word documents, or file-based document management, it probably takes you anywhere from a few hours to a few days to send a contract to a client for signature. What if you could completely automate the client signature process and get documents out for signing in a matter of minutes?

With the all-new PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign integration, you can extend those capabilities to ActiveCampaign triggers and completely automate document creation. This integration allows you to create stunning, tailor-made quotes, proposals, and contracts directly from ActiveCampaign. 

Invest in Document Automation to Achieve Growth 

Documents are a crucial part of the customer journey. Businesses need a solution that simplifies document management and creates a better user experience for both customers and employees. 

Research from OnePoll on behalf of PandaDoc shows that sales professionals spend approximately 60% of their day on manual, repetitive tasks related to documents like creation, editing, and following up with clients or coworkers on sent documents. This burden takes away time your team could use to foster meaningful conversations with customers and prospects. 

Digital document processes put an end to the tiresome back and forth, the need to juggle between tools and costly manual data entry associated with static documents. This frees up time and resources for you and your team to build your sales funnel, meet with prospects, train new hires, and perform other business-critical activities. 

How the PandaDoc Integration Helps Your Business Grow

With a digital document solution like PandaDoc, you can build accurate, content-rich documents at scale to match the individual needs of your clients without having to build a new document every time or go on the hunt for the most up-to-date customer and deal data.

PandaDoc statistics for increased business.

Brands that have introduced PandaDoc into their business processes see a 46% decrease in document creation time, a 28% increase in documents sent per month, and a 13% increase in average deal size. 

PandaDoc + ActiveCampaign for Growth Acceleration

Customers have come to know and expect businesses to provide personalized 1:1 experiences at every stage of the customer journey. When done correctly, these experiences can build brand awareness and loyalty and turn customers into raving fans. Boring, black and white documents are not a part of that experience. 

Thankfully, PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign makes it easy for you to create documents specific to your individual business relationships without letting the important details fall through the cracks. 

So how does the PandaDoc and ActiveCampaign integration work? With the powerful new ActiveCampaign integration, you’ll be able to: 

  • Generate customizable quotes, proposals, and contracts in a few minutes with the help of PandaDoc’s user-friendly document editor and premade templates 
  • Upload existing documents and add signature fields to collect legally binding signatures 
  • Track document progress in real-time with notifications whenever a client opens, views, or completes a document 

Instead of bouncing between tools and data sources, you can now generate, customize, and eSign professional-looking documents within ActiveCampaign. Let’s look at a few use cases of the new PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign integration. 

Create Document from Contact Form 

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Spend less time building and customizing documents and more time focusing on growing your business. With the PandaDoc and ActiveCampaign integration, you can set up an automation that will create a new document when a contact submits a form. 

Let’s say you’re an independent contractor who provides quotes based on a submission form on your website. When your prospective client submits a form on your website, a quote will automatically generate based on the information provided in this form and deal data from ActiveCampaign. This automation will help you get accurate documents out the door faster. 

Document Status Update as Trigger 

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In addition to automatic document creation, you can use document status updates (i.e., opened, viewed, complete) to automate additional actions in ActiveCampaign. For example, when a document status changes to complete, you can set up a trigger to mark a deal in ActiveCampaign as completed. You can even set up a trigger that would update a Custom Object or Account record with details from the completed document. The possibilities are endless with PandaDoc and ActiveCampaign. 

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Upgrade Your Document Workflow 

It’s time to upgrade your customer experience workflow with the help of PandaDoc for ActiveCampaign. Transform boring documents into dynamic, professionally-designed documents and keep the momentum going from creation to close with PandaDoc. 

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