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Apple’s iOS 18 AI Tools Could Finally Improve Siri and Spotlight


Apple is reportedly working on loads of new AI tools for iOS, iPad, and Mac users, as well as a new AI coding tool for developers similar to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot.

Apple will add generative AI to its programming tool Xcode as early as this year, according to a Bloomberg report. It will likely have similar features to GitHub Copilot, which helps users by autocompleting lines of code.

The iPhone maker is also planning to release a number of AI features with its upcoming iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 update, codenamed Crystal. Mac AI features are also in the works under the codename Glow, Bloomberg says.

Apple may launch AI features that can create Apple Music playlists, make Keynote presentations, and improve Apple’s search feature Spotlight for what Bloomberg suggests is the biggest overhaul of iPhone software in its history.

The iOS 18 updates are expected to roll out in public beta in July this year, with a main launch in September, per usual.

Siri, Apple’s voice-activated virtual assistant, first released as part of iOS in 2011 but has been widely criticized over the years for failing to comprehend basic requests and being unable to multitask, among other issues. Apple is reportedly tuning its own large language models (LLMs) to enhance Siri’s comprehension skills and make it more useful.

Many of these details corroborate an earlier report from analyst Jeff Pu, who claimed last year that Apple is building hundreds of AI servers in 2024 and could launch AI features for the iPhone and iPad later in the year.

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Earlier this month, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased that Apple generative AI features would be rolling out “later this year,” confirming at least part of Pu’s findings, but Cook didn’t provide any further details on what the features are or what devices would receive them.

Apple is also reportedly forcing its 121-person AI team to move from San Diego, California, to Texas. The team is in charge of listening to Siri requests and responses to see if its answers are helpful and accurate. If any of the employees don’t notify Apple of their decision to move to Texas, they’ll be laid off by late April.

Apple’s AI plans come a bit late to the party as its rivals continue to embrace the ongoing AI hype, with Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and others launching various generative AI tools in recent months. But even Apple itself has admitted that it’s taking it slow with generative AI, calling its strategy “deliberate and thoughtful.”

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