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Apple May Enhance Vision Pro’s Privacy With Tech From Brighter AI


Apple might be looking to purchase another AI company.

According to 9to5Mac, citing sources familiar with the matter, Apple has plans to purchase German AI startup Brighter AI to advance the privacy features available on the Vision Pro.

Brighter AI specializes in anonymizing face and license plate data without blurring them. Should Apple acquire the company, it would potentially have the ability to alter images taken with the Vision Pro so that subjects are unrecognizable; however, done in a way that natural appearances are preserved in the image.

The Vision Pro raises similar concerns as Google Glass did at launch due to its ability to capture images more discreetly than a phone or camera might. 

In 2014, a San Francisco resident went viral after claiming she was assaulted and robbed at a bar for wearing Google Glass, and shortly afterward several other bars in the city banned patrons from wearing the glasses while in their establishments.

Brighter AI’s technology has the potential to alleviate some privacy concerns from others around a Vision Pro wearer while maintaining the integrity of a photo. 

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With Bright AI’s technology, you’ll still see a license plate, for instance, in a photo it will just be a different plate number. Or you might still see a woman’s face in an image, but that face will be altered in such a way it’s no longer attributable to the original person who was in the photo.

Apple has not publicly commented on any talks it might be having with Brighter AI.

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