Ali Zafar is going to make his song for PSL (Bhaee Aa Raha hai)

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all about Pakistan

Ali Zafar said to his fans and drop a hint by says;he is going to make a new song for Pakistan Super League (PSL) after the official anthem will not satisfied the fans.

The artist subtitled the video, “Bhaee Aa Raha Hai. #bhaeehazirhai (Brother is coming).”

Prior in a meeting, Ali Zafar had said he is prepared to make a new song for the PSL 2020 if cricket fans need him to.

The official anthem of PSL 2020 Tayyar Hain was discharged before the beginning of season 5 a week ago however it neglected to intrigue the fans.

Not long after the song discharged, fans took to Twitter to show their mistake over the song and for ‘demolishing the soul’ of PSL.

A lion’s share of online life clients communicated discontent over the anthem.

The songs of the initial three PSLs were sung by Ali Zafar before the light was given to Fawad a year ago.

Of all the PSL songs made up until this point, Ali Zafar’s 2017 tune named Ab Khel Jamay Ga stays by a wide margin the greatest hit. It has, truth be told, become the informal tune of cricket in Pakistan.


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