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AI Features Are Coming to the OnePlus 12


AI features are on their way to the OnePlus 11 and 12, at least in China.

According to a new ColorOS update posted on Reddit and later Twitter/X, OnePlus is adding a number of AI features to the phones in China. Specifically, the update is adding an AI Summarizer “to help generate call summaries by extracting times, places, action items and other key information from your phone calls,” as well as a photo feature that will “help you remove unwanted objects or people and make your photos look cleaner.”

Additionally, the update will allow users to create article summaries “with just one tap through key information extraction” and an upgrade to Breeno Touch which “can recognize onscreen content and provide quick access to relevant services.”

OnePlus announced the OnePlus 12  without any big AI features, unlike the majority of its competition, notably Samsung.

The phone initially launched in China, so it’s possible OnePlus is simply bringing AI features first to the country as well. The phone comes packed with a large 5,400mAh battery that can charge at up to 50W via the company’s proprietary AirVOOC technology. The phone runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 system-on-a-chip and the base model also ships with 12GB of memory and 256GB of storage and it can be configured with up to 24GB of memory and 1TB of storage.

We gave the device a 4/5 rating in our official review thanks to the phone’s excellent battery life, powerful processor, bright, crisp display, and ability to be charged rapidly via a wired connection and wirelessly.

In a statement to PCMag in late January, a OnePlus spokesperson said:

The OnePlus 12 is focused on delivering the best technology to our users while ensuring a seamless and secure user experience. We’ve committed significant R&D resources to the development of both on-device AI and cloud AI features. We also have been collaborating closely with leading global SoC manufacturers and AI platform producers, such as Google, to drive advancements in Generative AI.

Equipped with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform, the OnePlus 12 features an ultra-intelligent chip that significantly enhances NPU performance, unlocking greater AI capabilities. By collaborating with Google on Generative AI, we’ve introduced two innovative AI features with the OnePlus 12: Magic Compose and Photomoji. Magic Compose enhances users’ instant communication by providing personalized message response suggestions based on ongoing conversations. It also offers seven distinct writing styles, allowing users to express themselves in unique and versatile ways, and the OnePlus 12 is one of the first devices to launch with this stand-out feature.

Photomoji analyzes the user’s profile picture – or even their pets’ pictures! – to generate personalized emoji for them. It uses Google Generative AI to add a touch of personalization and creativity to the user’s emoji expressions, making them more unique and tailored to them. We’ll be introducing even more innovative AI features later in Q1 2024, including self-developed AIGC-related features, so please stay tuned for further updates.

The OnePlus 12 is available for preorder now and will officially launch in the US on Feb. 6.

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