AI and Microchips: Biggest Tech Duo EVER


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Almost everything uses microchips.

Smartphones, laptops, digital cameras, cars, refrigerators — you guessed it — are all powered by chips.

And now, the IT industry is taking the chip game a step further — with the rising demand of the AI “memory market” … or AI servers.

It’s a massive tech trend that’s helping IT departments everywhere build up their infrastructure.

So in today’s video, I’m giving you two ways to invest in the lucrative partnership between AI and microchips.

Find out which chipmaker is not only in the “top five” of its competitors in annual sales, but is also a great buying opportunity.

(Or read the transcript here.)

🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: Traders are dialing back their wagers on the Federal Reserve’s possible first-quarter rate cuts. Take a look at the latest interest rate probability for the next few months. [3:28]
  • Tech Trends: AI and microchips! AI servers are high in demand. This is expected to boost certain chip stocks this year! [7:30]
  • Investing Opportunity #1: Consider buying this chip stock (stock name + ticker revealed)! [9:13]
  • Investing Opportunity #2: If you’re a Strategic Fortunes subscriber, we have several AI and microchip stocks that will benefit from this trend. If you’re not following Ian yet, go here to learn more about investing in microchips. [9:38]
  • Crypto Corner: Why you shouldn’t sell bitcoin (BTC) right now, and why an Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded fund is likely coming soon. And what exactly is “tokenization”? [11:25]
  • Market Prediction: Thanks to a reader question from John, I share my interest rate forecast for 2024. [17:48]

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