Affect Of Islamic Civilization On The West And Vice Versa



The article discusses “Affect of Islamic civilization on the West and vice versa. Affect of Islamic civilization on the fashionable world. Contributions of Islamic civilization to the fashionable world. “Affect of Islamic civilization on the West and vice versa. Islamic achievements and contributions to the fashionable world. Affect of western civilization on Islamic society. The affect of Islam on medieval Europe pdf. Affect of Islamic civilization on the West and vice versa.”

Although work on the unfold of Islam to different elements of the world had began throughout the lifetime of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), nonetheless it obtained momentum after his demise.  As Islam unfold to different elements of the world it got here in touch with totally different tradition and civilizations. Throughout this interplay Islam in a method or one other impacted the social, political and cultural setup of the folks. In its contact with the Western civilization, Islam impacted it within the following methods.

The Role Of Islam in Modern World

Islam led to the beginning of enlightened interval in West. After the institution of Muslim state in Visigothic Hispania (current day Spain and Portugal) in 8th century, the realm quickly grew to become the centre of Islamic studying and different fashionable and social sciences. College students and lecturers from totally different elements of Europe and Asia took admission within the universities of Al Andalus and learnt science, philosophy, astronomy, medication and different sciences. By that point Europe was passing by way of its Darkish Age and the training of science and philosophy was thought-about revolt in opposition to the Church. College students and lecturers of Muslim universities on return to their house nations took new concepts and science with them. They taught what that they had learnt and commenced work on extra secretly. It took centuries for them to introduce their folks with the fashionable sciences and know-how. At this time they’re main the world in fashionable science and know-how. 

Muslims scientists and students not solely recovered and protected the literary work of Historical Greek students but additionally recorded their very own findings in Arabic language. This made Arabic literary language of the world from 8th to 13th century. These nations, who by that point have no idea Arabs, have been then pressured to be taught Arabic for each communication and studying new data.

Muslim scientists laid the muse of recent sciences, discoveries and innovations. They not solely built-in outdated science with the brand new but additionally remodeled it. Muslim scientist Jabir Ibn Hayyan put the sector of Chemistry on a brand new observe. Ibn al Haytham did extraordinary work in discipline of Physics. He studied the traits of sunshine. He additionally invented Pinhole Digital camera. Muhammad Ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi contributed within the discipline of Arithmetic, Geography and Astronomy. His well-known work is Algebra. Within the discipline of medicines, Muslims scientist Muhammad Ibn Zakriya Al Razi did large work.

Muslim World And The Contemporary Challenges

Paper, gunpowder and navigational devices reached to Europe from China by way of Muslim World. Equally Europe additionally copied some cultural devices from Muslims such because the flute, the guitar and the violin. In structure they copied the pointed arch from Muslims Masjids. King Louis IX constructed first hospital in 1260 in Paris after getting back from Campaign.  

Caliph Mamun ur Rasheed throughout his reign constructed Home of Knowledge the place folks with extraordinary expertise from everywhere in the Muslim World gathered and shared their data and carried out totally different experiments. By the center of the ninth century the Home of Knowledge had the biggest books assortment on the earth.

Based on the teachings of the Holy Quran Islamic artists are forbidden from utilizing human figures in spiritual artwork. They subsequently developed a mode of geometric shapes and patterns that have been used to embellish Masjids. These geometric patterns normally contained verses from the Holy Quran written in a stylized type of ornamental handwriting known as calligraphy. West copied this artwork from the Muslims and used of their structure with some modification.

Rise Of Extremism – CSS Islamiat Notes

Muslims additionally launched West with the brand new know-how of Dams building. Within the tenth century Al Kindi proposed a plan to dam the Nile. Most of the dams, reservoirs, and aqueducts constructed at the moment all through the Islam World nonetheless exist.

As we all know each coin has two sides. Although Islamic civilization on one hand impacted Western society, the West in return additionally impacted Islamic civilization. The impacts of West on Islamic world may be seen extra clearly after the colonization of Muslim world by the Western superpowers. A few of the main impacts of the Western Civilization on Islam have been mentioned in beneath paragraphs.

Affection for the West has created an ever rising aloofness from theology amongst Muslims. At this time Muslims particularly the younger era has clear inclination in the direction of West and science than Islam. They attempt to discover answer of their issues in science and know-how. The draw back of that is rise of atheism in Muslims.

One other essential impression of Western tradition over Islamic civilization is the rise in desire of materialism over spiritualism. The West has cultivated love for the materialistic world within the hearts of Muslims. It has began competitors amongst Muslims for worldly success and fame.

The West has additionally affected the executive system of Islamic Civilization. It has changed Caliphate system with fashionable Communism, Capitalism and Socialism. Although in its system of democracy the West is conceptually influenced from Islamic system of Caliphate.

The event of Western civilization additionally leads us to globalization. At this time the world is named world village as a result of each individual at present is related with different by way of cell phones and different wi-fi companies. Whereas globalization has introduced folks shut to one another it additionally has elevated the unfold of social evils from one nook of the world to the opposite.


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