A Pakistani Student team achieves 3rd position in Engineering Design Event of IMechE FS UK 2021


Formula Electric Racing – NUST, The Formula Student Team, based at NUST PNEC, known for manufacturing of Pakistan’s first ever Formula Electric Vehicle have yet again defied the odds by achieving 3rd Position in Formula Student UK 2021’s Engineering Design Event.

Team Formula Electric Racing – NUST was formed back in 2014, by the sheer will power of a small group of students who had nothing but one goal: To bring about an Electric Vehicle culture in Pakistan, which at that time seemed like an impossible feat to accomplish. Marton Csokas stated – “The only way to achieve the impossible it to believe it is possible”, and this is exactly what that group of students did – Believed that their goal was possible and hence with hard work and perseverance they managed to manufacture the first Formula Electric Vehicle of Pakistan and have successfully manufactured three iterations since then.

The aim of the team is to test its Engineering knowledge and represent Pakistan on international platforms. Furthermore, the team also aims at raising awareness about the dangers of fuel driven vehicles in contributing to the intense damage of the environment.

This year the team took part in FSUK 2021 which was a virtual event as well due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions that came along with it. Furthermore, due to the 2nd and 3rd waves of covid-19 which lead to closure of the teams working place and created a wide communication gap between the members of the team, however, despite these and several other setbacks the team’s morale did not falter.

The team achieved a milestone by securing 18th position out of a total 65 participating teams from all over the globe, many of whom are several decades old. The team has achieved 3rd position in the Engineering Design Event which was based on vehicle dynamics and design decisions  from electrical and mechanical aspects of the vehicle. Furthermore, the Cost Event turned out to be fruitful for the team as well, with the team securing 20th position out of a total of 110 teams participating in it.

Currently the team is working on completing the fabrication of it’s vehicle along with research and development on some inhouse components which the team plans on integrating in next year’s iteration.

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