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4 “Under the Radar” Tech Stocks for 2024!


That’ll never work…

The tech just isn’t there yet…

Maybe in 20 years…

I love it when I hear this about an up-and-coming innovation in the tech world. Being a contrarian myself, this is a “green flag” that lets me know something new is also something disruptive.

Meaning, it’s a potential investment opportunity.

Last week, Amber, Andrew, and I were able to meet some of you at Banyan Hill’s 19th annual Total Wealth Symposium.

(If you weren’t able to make it, no worries. Check out the “Profit & Prosper” video kit here — complete with all presentations from every speaker.)

So today, we’re sharing our live Market Insights panel from the event, where we covered four unique mega trends that can help you “trade under the radar” in this market, including:

  • Quantum Computing.
  • Nuclear Fusion.
  • Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN).
  • Agribots (Autonomous Agriculture).

And the best part — we’re giving stock recommendations (name + ticker) for each of these trends…

Here are four “under the radar” tech stocks for 2024!

(Or read the transcript here.) 

🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Mega Trend #1: We’ve gone from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. The next technical revolution is the “Quantum Age,” via quantum computing. [1:55]
  • Mega Trend #2: We’re so close to unlocking a key element in nuclear fusion. Here’s a major milestone achieved … and it’s been 60 years in the making. [11:50]
  • Mega Trend #3: This is where blockchain tech comes in. DePIN is a new way to build and maintain infrastructure in the physical world through digital means, like WiFi hotspots and other decentralized apps. [23:50]
  • Mega Trend #4: We’ve talked about AI Agriculture, but not like this. Learn more about autonomous “Agribots.” [31:20]

Don’t Miss Out!

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Until next time,

Ian King
Editor, Strategic Fortunes

 **Disclaimer: We will not track any stocks in Banyan Edge. We are just sharing our opinions, not advice. If you are a subscriber to one of our financial services, we will provide tracking, updates and buy/sell guidance for the model portfolio in your service subscription.




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