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Sentiment analysis is one of the most crucial methods that help understand the emotions conveyed in texts or audio. It can provide great insights regarding strategies that can be implemented to increase companies’ growth. However, before initiating premature investments, it is good to learn about the current market and related statistics on the technology in question.

In this article, we list some of the most important statistics regarding customer sentiments, sentiment analysis methods, and future predictions to help companies make better and informed decisions.


  1. In 2020, 54% of companies stated that they had adopted the technologies analyzing customers’ sentiment from their reviews or social media, which is expected to exceed 80% in 2023. (Bain&Company)

Figure 1. The percentage of companies currently use tools to understand customers’ sentiment vs. the expected usage in 2023.

Source: Bain & Company
  1. Using tools that help companies to sense their customers’ feelings and understand their opinions (e.g., sentiment analysis, online behavior tracker, or face/voice recognition) shows the strongest correlation with company revenue growth, among other customer insights tools. (Bain&Company)
  1. Artificial neural networks achieve 85% accuracy in identifying the sentiment, the highest accuracy level among other methods.

Customer sentiment statistics

  1. 70% of customers feel frustrated when they do not receive a personalized experience.
  1. A recent report shows a discrepancy between companies’ opinions on customer satisfaction and reality. While more than 50% of businesses believe their customers are satisfied with the service and have a positive sentiment toward their brand, only 15% of customers agree.
  1. While random recommendation tools achieve 65% customer satisfaction, providing customers with some suggestions based on their sentiments in their previous experiences increases customer satisfaction by 90%.


Clickworker is a service provider that delivers crowdsourced services via an advanced platform, mobile app, and a global team of 4 million workers. Clickworker offers services such as analyzing social media content, collecting data, and conducting sentiment analysis.

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Statistics by region

  1. In the US, there is a drop in consumers’ positive sentiment and confidence towards the companies in 2022 from 44% to 38%, and the most substantial decline is in high-income consumers.
  1. In Europe, almost 60% of customers feel negative about their country’s economic state, increasing to 69% in the UK. (McKinsey)
  1. North America has the highest revenue share in the global emotion detection market. (Fortune Business Insights)

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Statistics by sector

  1. Chatbot services: Customers’ satisfaction with customer service chatbots reaches only 30%, indicating an inability to satisfy customer needs.

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  1. Social Media: Sentiment analysis can help detect fake reviews by implementing machine learning algorithms that can achieve 85% accuracy.

If you want to learn how to benefit from sentiment analysis in social media, feel free to check our article on social media sentiment analysis.

  1. Service sector: Adding one star to Yelp reviews increases the restaurant’s revenue by almost 10%.
  1. Finance: Stock price movements also correlate with public sentiment, and when the forecasts are made considering public sentiment, the accuracy of prediction models increases by 20%

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  1. Cryptocurrency: The number of tweets sent regarding cryptocurrency by bot accounts is estimated to be almost 15%, distorting the sentiment analysis results.

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  1. Healthcare: The accuracy of 86 studies on sentiment analysis in the healthcare sector is around 80%.

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