10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency



Stop! Check this list of questions before hiring an agency.

Does your marketing translate into real business growth? When choosing a digital marketing agency, there are a few questions you should ask before making an investment.

Get better digital marketing with a smarter approach when choosing an agency. Your agency’s system and approach to marketing affects your final results.

Here’s a few questions to find out more about them:

Questions to Ask a Digital Marketing Agency

1. What is your digital marketing process?

First find out more about the system or digital marketing process your agency plans to apply for presenting your company over the internet. This should be a series of steps and a marketing methods used to increase the figures and grow your business online. Sometimes it consists of various stages to improve the online acquisition process such as first, organize, then design, develop, drive, analyze, and refine.

2. How do you plan to do things differently given our industry?

Not every market or industry can be approached in the same way, so ask a digital marketing agency how they plan to do it differently given your particular market and needs. Not every business needs an ecommerce website, and some of them benefit from location advertising vs global internet marketing. A digital agency should know how to adapt and hone in on your specific industry.

3. Which methods do you use to communicate reports on progress and results?

Be certain the digital marketing company you use is not just going to take your money then forget to “follow-through” with the delivery. Your marketing company should have no problem reporting the numbers, sales figures, and progress of your efforts to find more customers. They should also be able to give you the real facts when it comes to your company’s goals in relation to the intended results.

4. Do you have evidence of past successes with helping clients grow their business?

Before taking a chance on a digital marketing company, look for evidence of past success with clients. Do they have proof of past success, such as sales numbers or case studies? Does their digital marketing system actually work in helping clients reach their goals? And if so, what does the return look like? Be certain you’ll be getting the most return on investment (ROI).

5. What is your billing structure in terms of recurring fees?

You’ll definitely want to know if you’re working with a set price you pay up front, a recurring cost per month, or a base figure that changes depending on your requests. How much does it really cost? Always ask this question and dig deeper to find out if there are additional figures to be added to the initial quote.

6. What is your policy on “rush” orders, revisions/approvals, and additional costs?

This is crucial information to determine. Ask them how they plan to handle rush changes, revisions and approval for presented materials, and any costs or fees added onto the base price according to additional work needed for a specified reason.

7. What can you do to help our company reach new goals?

You’re investing in digital marketing to grow your business online. Therefore, you need to know how this new approach is going to help you reach your goals. If a potential digital agency doesn’t have a clear picture for you, then go with one that can give you a straight answer such as, “we’re going to get more quality leads to your website and grow your customer base online using a website, social media profiles, and content marketing that speaks to your audience. We’re also going to build your sales system.”

8. What do I get with a digital marketing program by your agency?

Look into the extent of what your digital marketing program entails. Are you getting a website, web development/maintenance, social media management, content marketing, and sales analysis? What type of methodology does your agency use for online marketing, and what is your account manager responsible for reporting? Ask them how many working hours you’ll get per month, and how they plan to spend these hours on projects.

9. What will you do to get to know our business, industry, market, and customers?

The only way you can adapt a marketing approach for a new client or business is by targeting your customers, market, and industry. Does your digital marketing agency survey your customers to find out why they choose your business over competitors? A marketing company must tailor their approach by first doing market research and getting to know your business. Ask them how they plan to do this.

10. How do you plan to execute digital marketing differently than our current approach?

Before you get roped into a whole new digital marketing system, present your own past efforts and approach, and ask how they plan to do it differently. You need a change instead of the same old thing, and your digital marketing agency should be able to present a brand new approach to get the job done.

Are you happy with how they answered these questions?

Then go with an agency that knows what they’re doing. Learn more about our marketing programs and contact Oyova — a St. Petersburg web design, content marketing, social media management, and ecommerce web development company.


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